Dior Summer 2013 Bird of Paradise Nail Lacquer Duo in 001 Samba Review, Photos, Swatches, Nail Wheels, Comparisons

The Dior Bird of Paradise collection for Summer 2013 recently arrived at all Dior counters in the United States. The Nail Lacquer Duo in Samba 001 was the first to catch my eye, naturally, and it is the only item from the Dior collection I have purchased thus far. I passed on the Bahia duo as it is more in line with the permanent range of Dior polishes. Just as with my Chanel Azure nail polish review, this post will be just as much a feature of this nail polish duo as it will be a comparison of the shades. There are similar colors on the market currently, so many of you have asked me if splurging on this duo was worth it. See my thoughts after the jump!

The nail polishes shades below are the color comparisons that I will make. These are some of my favorite polishes in my entire collection, so this post was great fun to put together. Please enjoy the photos, but do credit and link back if you would like to use them. Thank you!

Dior Samba 402 is the creme (left) and Samba 794 is the metallic (right). These are the Dior mini polishes, so they are 7mL instead of the standard 10mL size. This, in my mind, is actually more appropriate for the summer because of the traveling that takes place during the season. I love that the smaller bottles are easier to travel with, and each is priced at $14.50 per bottle (total duo cost $29.00). The swatches on the color wheel below are without a top coat, while the swatches on my natural nails are finished with Butter London's Hardware Topcoat.

Dior's Samba 794 is my favorite between the two, since I do tend to prefer metallic finishes. It is a saturated jewel tone green with the hint of blue, and it is likely one of the best applying Dior nail polishes I own. It is perfection in two coats. The formula glides over the nail, and while the first coat can be slightly patchy if too many strokes are used, the second coat evens out the surface of the nail for smooth, full coverage color. It also does not show stroke lines as much as Chanel Azure (reviewed HERE), which is means it it also more forgiving if the polish is not applied with a steady hand. Dior nail polishes are performing better and better nowadays!

Samba 795, however, is very similar to Essie's Trophy Wife. Trophy Wife has slightly more apparent glitter and leans more teal than green (darker and more blue). Chanel's Azure is a duochrome that transforms from a seafoam green to a deepwater blue, so it has more dimensional color while Samba stays relatively true to its color. I have read reviews that claim Samba 795 is a duochrome because it does look more blue in certain lighting, but it is not a duochrome in my opinion.. especially not when in comparison to Azure as you can see in the photos below.

Dior Samba 402 is preferred by my best friend Tammy. I immediately reached for Zoya's Wednesday once I arrived home with my Samba, but it is actually quite different from Samba 402. It is less apparent in photos, but in real life, Zoya is noticeably dusky in comparison and the turquoise lean gives off a Tiffany blue vibe. Samba is vibrant even though it is a paler green, and it is also warmer (more yellow) in tone. Samba 402 is not as yellow-based as Dior's Waterlily, and there is absolutely no shimmer. This solid creme was also perfect with two coats. I was concerned there would be patching, as I have experienced it with other Dior creme colors, but Samba 402 was self-leveling and dried streak-free!

Dior Samba has a slightly different brush from the standard size bottles, but I found it even easier to use. I prefer Chanel's thin and flat brushes, which are more in line with this Dior brush found above. Those with wider nail beds tends to prefer Dior's wider and densely packed standard brushes, but I have narrow nails. 

Bottom Line: Even though there may be similar shades to Samba currently available, I think this Dior Bird of Paradise Nail Duo is still worth the splurge because of the warmer undertones that make it very flattering against my complexion!
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  1. Such pretty pictures Rae! You really did this duo justice. I was so happy when I received this, I'm a very big fan of metallic shades as well. Turns out that I really love the cream one too, it's a greener version of my beloved Dior Saint Tropez. I have Azure as well now and now it's enough but I'm secretly lemming Trophy Wife as well now thanks to you, lol! ^^

  2. Thanks very much for the helpful comparisons :) I have and love Zoya's Wednesday but I think I might prefer Samba! I'm a big fan of blues and greens and this duo is so perfect for the spring and summer seasons :)

  3. I love both colors. Esp the cream shade. Reminds me of Essie's turquoise and caicos! Which is my all time favorite Essie polish. I usually don't splurge on nail polishes but knowing this is only $29 for two bottles... I am this close to buying it! haha :)

  4. Those are some amazing pictures. Thank you so much for such a comprehensive review. :-)


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