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I discovered the highly exclusive, luxury Japanese brand THREE through the lovely Reika of Front Row Beauty. You can find her review of these waterproof Flash Performance Eyeliner Pencils HERE, but I am going to add my two cents and show you swatches of the three shades I own. These buttery smooth eye pencils glide on far more smoothly than Urban Decay's 24/7 liners, which I find rather overrated, and they even give my Holy Grail Giorgio Armani Waterproof Smooth Silk liners a run for their money!
03 is pictured below, and it was actually sent to us by accident because the THREE Sales Associate in Japan made a packing error. Nonetheless, the burgundy is a pretty eyeliner that I did not expect to find wearable since it looks so bright, as evidenced by the photo above. 03 appears more brown when worn on my lash lines, and the tinge of red-purple in the base really helps to bounce light off my eyes, making appear them a touch more honey than they usually look. Great for daily wear when black is too harsh!

03 appears much more purple in sunlight in the heavier swatch

 03 is more true to this brown shade pictured above when worn on my eyes

My favorite of the three is the black, 08. It is a deep ink shade with silver microshimmer that reflects slightly navy. Though the base could have been a smidgen darker, it brightens up the whites of the eyes magnificently, so I highly recommend this product! It does transfer just a bit when I wear it alone, but that generally happens with most eyeliner pencils. If you find this happens to you, whether it is with this formula or any other, take a black eyeshadow of your choice and pat it firmly on top of the pencil with a small smudge brush to reduce transfer. This Flash Performance formula is touted as waterproof, but I find it is more water resistant, fading slightly but evenly around the sixth hour of wear. It lasts well enough on the waterlines.

I had the highest of expectations for 01 because I had hoped it would appear as bright as Chanel's Spring 2013 Le Stylo Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil in Or Rose. 01 is significantly more beige than Or Rose, which is a true rose gold on me, and Or Rose has a sheerer base with larger silver sparkle. The loveliest (and winning) factor of the Flash Performance Eyeliner in 01 is the incredibly smooth metallic finish. You can barely detect the silver shimmers, they are that fine! If you are not a fan of metallics, however, the beige undertone provides the balance that makes the 01 color wearable on any occasion. I wish it were more obvious on my light-medium complexion, but very fair and very dark complexions will love the pop this gives the eyes. As Reika describes, the gleam of this shade is too beautiful to pass up.

These pencils also come equipped with the best silicon smudger I have ever encountered. The soft tip is ideal for winging out liner, and the smoothly sculpted sides can blend the top of the liner for smoky looks. It is also easy to clean, wipe down with makeup remover or cleansing water.

THREE's Flash Performance Eyeliner Pencils are as wonderful as I had hoped, and they glide on to the delicate skin of the eyes more smoothly than any pencil I have ever tried. This liner formula, however, is indeed a luxury product, and the price reflects that. Now, the only problem with procuring these liners is the insane mark up some websites are charging. I was fortunate enough that the mister was able to persuade a counter in Japan to ship these to him, but one website is asking for $60+ USD plus shipping for these! I would not dare recommend these to anyone at that price point, for Armani's pencils would then be the best compromise.

Bottom Line: I would like to explore more of the THREE range, as there are a couple shades in the Flash Performance Eyeliner formula that I would like to compare to some of my favorite discontinued Chanel pencils!
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  1. Hi Rae, do you know where to buy these in North America? Or do you know of a website that will ship them?

    Thanks :)

    1. They're only available in Japan, no counters anywhere else in the world. Try Google for private retailers, but I can't recommend any sites I have seen!

  2. Holy mother those are expensive! #1 looks absolutely stunning though, and perhaps worth the price!

  3. Hi Rae,

    Can you do a tutorial using THREE's eyeliner?

    1. I just filmed a Valentine's Day makeup tutorial using it!

  4. Hi Rae, just wondering how much you were able to get each of these eyeliners for?

  5. Believe it or not, I heard that THREE is coming to Thailand this coming April. So excited!

  6. So beautiful, yet so difficult to acquire! I hope they expand out, until then, I guess I get to hold onto my money for a little bit longer. The 01 looks so pretty, though.

  7. Replies
    1. I personally do not support ichibankao or imomoko. I don't trust the stock, and I much prefer to see the product before I buy it. Just my two cents.


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