My First Shu Uemura Hair Ceremony Experience at the Juan Juan Salon, BH

Ever since experimenting with my first Shu Uemura Art of Hair product, the Cleansing Oil Shampoo, I have been hooked! My hair has never responded better to styling and my scalp has never felt more balanced. I can even wash my hair every day without having it look like an oily mess, which has helped my dry ends immensely. Then the Shu Uemura Art of Hair PR team generously invited me to experience the newly restructured Hair Ceremony at the Juan Juan Salon in Beverly Hills. All photos were taken by me with my Canon 7D, and the photos are copyrighted so do not use without permission!

The Juan Juan Salon is situated right across from Sak's Fifth Avenue, where you can stop by to pick up my favorite Dolce & Gabanna powder foundation (see middle photo above). Look for the red sculpture across the street from the salon and turn into that vicinity to find parking. Not only was the salon modern and beautiful, every stylist had great hair and every customer walking out looked fabulous. The mark of a worthwhile salon is not the price tag but the result (see end of post). And let me just say now that Jennie Cheung mastered my stubborn hair (which is why I am so reluctant to style it myself) on her first try, and that is a serious accomplishment!

The front desk is large and expansive, with a comfortable waiting area to the left. To the right of the desk is the main Shu Uemura wall cabinet, full of neatly displayed products. Juan Juan has the full range available for purchase, all in the newest repackaged form.

Walk past the lit wall cabinets and enter the main floor of the salon where the wash station is set off by the beautifully painted Shu Uemura mural. Keep in mind the environment of this specific area is pertinent because the ceremony takes place entirely at the wash station. But before we get into the Hair Ceremony details, allow me to explain the rest of the salon in the photos below. The hair stylists' stations are located right as you enter the salon. The back of the salon and the second floor are dedicated to color. See those strange black contraptions attached to the top of the mirrors in the first photo above? Those are the heaters for hair color processing, so cool! 

Right behind the Shu Uemura mural is a changing closet. I donned a simple black robe to protect my clothes and as Jennie displayed the products in front of me, as per my request, she proceeded to explain the Hair Ceremony procedures. Until the beginning of the year, the Shu Uemura Hair Ceremony had been a long, drawn-out hour-long treatment. The genius Art of Hair team figured out a way to cut the time in half yet yield the same phenomenal results.

Jennie first rinsed my hair in lukewarm water and split my hair into numerous sections, placing the Essential Drops rather generously on my scalp. Wow, this was my favorite part of the process! The drops smelled so minty fresh, a bit of aromatherapy at play. Jennie massaged the oil into my hair, purifying it and removing all excess oil and debris. I only wish the massage would have lasted longer! I realize it would not have been necessary, but it was just so relaxing.. obviously, I'm being selfish here :) Then she gave my hair a quick rinse and thoroughly washed my hair with the Full Shimmer shampoo. After squeezing out the excess water,  the treatment elements were applied and meticulously combed throughout my locks. The mixture was in my hair for approximately five to ten minutes, yet my hair felt so much softer when Jennie rinsed it out!

Once my hair was wrapped up into a towel, Jennie led me to her station and quickly spritzed my hair with the Depsea Repair, a product I use daily. If you need a heat protectant that doubles at a detangler, look no further! Then after my blow out was complete, she ran the Maybach of hair oils through my ends to seal in the moisture and add some more shine. Afterward, I went to Barney's to pick up some Sunday Riley cosmetics and the SAs were asking me where I had my hair done. My sister commented that my recently dyed black hair looked more dimensional and even my grandmother noticed when I walked through the door to visit her that day! Mission accomplished.

Products Used in the Ceremony (many thanks to Jennie for writing all this out for us):
1. Shu Uemura Essential Drops [not sold yet, will be available around summer]
2. Shu Uemura Full Shimmer Shampoo [for color treated hair]
3. Shu Uemura Shusu Sleek + Full Shimmer Primary Vial [the treatment elements]
4. Shu Uemura Depsea Repair Foundation Prep Spray [before blow drying]
5. Shu Uemura Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective Oil [after blow drying, on ends]

Note: The blow out is not part of the Hair Ceremony process. They are two separate services and you will be charged accordingly. I recommend you go on a day where you would really love a pick-me-up just to look good or when you are in need of primping for a special date or occasion.

The phenomenal (and beautiful) hair guru, Jennie!

Now for proof of the drastic improvement in my hair!



I imagine I have had at least a hundred blow outs in my twenty three years of life, at both inexpensive and expensive salons, and I have NEVER been so satisfied with a hair appointment. My hair went from flat and lifeless to healthy and bouncy in one hour! Do keep in mind the vintage-effect Instagram filter washed out the 'after' photo, causing my hair to look less colored and less shiny. Jennie's handiwork and the miraculous Hair Ceremony products made my hair appear even more brilliantly dark and supple. This is why I officially swear by Shu Uemura Art of Hair products.. be good to your hair and treat yourself.

Bottom Line: I loved the whole process so much I booked Jennie for another Shu Uemura Hair Ceremony and Blow Out, and one for my best friend Tammy, too!


  1. I wish my hair can look like the 'after' picture everyday. My hair gets oily very quickly, even if I blow dry everything nicely, by the end of the day it still turns ugly.. especially in windy weather.

  2. Did you get the 25min shu uemura treatment? Also, how was your haircut and blowout for your length of hair? I live in the Los Angeles area and haven't found a good place for a haircut. I spent $200 on my last haircut and was not happy with it!!

  3. Love your hair!! I'm really tempted to try this product out. I swear by all Japanese hair products. :)

  4. Your hair looks gorgeous! I always cringe when I read in magazines, etc. to not "waste" money on shampoo and rinse out conditioners because they aren't on the hair long enough to do any good. Well, they're certainly on the hair long enough to do harm! Cheap and harsh products can leech the life out of hair. Good products make all the difference in keeping hair beautiful and lively.

  5. Hi, Rae! I really enjoyed your post and I have one question about Shu Uemura cleansing oil (shampoo). How long does the bottle last for? I can't guess, because I think I heard that that particular product does not require 2-3 pumps to use. Thank you :)

    p.s: I'm still learning english, so please excuse if there is any grammar error, etc..

  6. Your hair looks uh-mazing in the after picture! I have been looking for a before blow dry treatment to prevent from damages and will need to try the Depsea spray. Thanks for the recommendation! Oh, and how did you get that effect on your after pic? My instagram doesn't have that light affect on the bottom.

  7. Are there Shu Uemura salons all over the U.S.?

  8. juan juan salon rocks ! Sean J. jennifer J. & Elie J . led by Jennie chung & Dani faraj and the master artists team @ salon Juan Juan ~ Shoof!

  9. This looks so fun! Thanks for letting those of us with short hair to see how awesome it would be to have long hair, and the luxuries that come with that! Delightful pictures of the process.

    And can I just say that when I saw your "after" photo, a recent LMFAO song started playing in the back of my head. Lol!

  10. Haha! I wish I lived near you girls - because I want a fancy blowout too ;D

  11. Thanks for this review! I love the way your hair turned out. If you don't mind relaying, what is the price for the Hair Ceremony and blow out? And a cut(for long hair) too if you know?

  12. Your hair looks great! I love getting blowouts, but it's never something I can do (or have the patience to do) myself. And since I wash my hair daily (due to sweating a lot and working out), it's hard for me to justify the cost when I only get a half day's worth of wear.

  13. loving your blog and am now your newest follower :)

  14. Looks amazing! :) So sweet of you to book one for your best friend!



  15. Gorgeous!

    I'm so jealous!

    Did the whole ceremony really take half an hour? I imagine the hour-long one would have been even more indulgent!

    Also, do you think you'l be trying out any of the new products she used, or are you good with the shu routine you have now?

    Thanks, Rae!

  16. Hi rae! your hair looks soooo voluminous and beautiful! I would LOVE to have such volume. Im eager to know: did that awesome volume last you longer than your usual daily routine? do the products make a big difference or is it the magic touch of a professional?

  17. I wonder if that shampoo is good for dry hair too.

  18. hi! i was wondering if it was just called the Hair Ceremony? i live in the brentwood neighborhood and wanted to go to that location, but i also don't know if i should stick w/ an asian stylist. their website lists Ume, Take, Mats, Juan Juan sig treatment. can you please let me know which one you tried? thanks!

  19. Do they have moroccan oil hair treatments there? I've been looking for a reliable place to get my hair done for a little while now.


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