Edward Bess French Lace Deep Shine Lip Gloss Review, Photos, Swatches

Edward Bess Deep Shine Lip Glosses are my holy grail lip glosses. They smell delicious, like real figs, and they make my lips look so full! No stinging here, though. It's all just a beautiful illusion. French Lace, just like my other EB First Kiss gloss pictured above, lasts for at least 4 hours through eating and drinking. And to top it off, the formula does not cause my lips to peel! *jump for joy* Most of you know by now how sensitive my lips are so this is big news.

The only mildly irritating packaging issue is that the doe foot applicator yields very little product. I have to dip the applicator twice, at least, into the tube to achieve an even coat of gloss on my lips. Otherwise, the gloss is perfection. I wish I had a lip swatch to show you but it isn't essential because French Lace does not look like much on my bare lips. It tones down the mauve in my natural lip color, adding a bit of milkiness and a hint of pink. It's a My-Lips-But-Better gloss but I like it best when paired with Edward Bess Rose Demure Ultra Slick Lipstick. 

Bottom Line: I want to own EVERY SINGLE Deep Shine gloss! They're really that good. Edward Bess can be purchased through his website, Neiman Marcus, or Bergdorf Goodman.


  1. Everything about those look nice.

  2. I could need some lipgloss that would make my lips look a little fuller too! :p

    This is a very cute milky pink color!

  3. *Gasp - this gloss looks absolutely gorgeous!! Rae, you mentioned that you like pairing it with the Edward Bess Rose Demure Ultra Slick Lipstick, but there weren't any pictures showing the combination, so I was wondering if you had some spare time, could you please post a picture of the gloss and lipstick together on your lips? <3 Keep up the great work :)

  4. Freddie - Very true!
    Light Love - Yes, very much so!
    Jess - We all could, right? hehe You have slightly brighter pink lips than I do so it'd look even better on you!
    Net - I'll be posting a review of the Rose Demure lipstick this week but I have worn the combination in one of my recent videos! I think it was the 'My Holiday Beauty Gifts to You' video :)


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