Butter London Blagger Review, Photos, Swatches

There are few Butter London polishes that I think are worthy of the $14 price tag but Blagger has captured my heart. I had been looking for an opaque, bright blue cream that wouldn't darken against my currently medium skin tone yet all the similar colors I had tried previously from other brands were shimmers, not creams. When I saw Ingrid tweeting about it, however, I knew I had to try it!

Blagger is perfect in two coats, and unlike some of my other BL polishes, it doesn't chip! There was some minor tip wear but that's normal. I didn't use a base coat and only added BL's Hardwear topcoat in the photos seen here in this post. I love how rich and vivid the blue hue is, don't you?

Bottom Line: I love it and it's one of my Top 3 Butter London nail polishes!

P.S. I'm sorry I haven't reviewed the BL Holiday colors yet. Soon, I promise!

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  1. Beautiful color, I typically stay away from blues but I believe this would not make my pale skin look translucent!


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