Benefit They're Real! Mascara Review, Photos, Swatches

I rarely test out new mascaras and when I do, I am very skeptical of those that are not waterproof because 'regular' formulas tend to be wet, causing my lashes to droop throughout the day. Plus, my eyes are naturally teary and that is why I opt to use waterproof mascaras daily - to avoid any unattractive 'dripping' incidents :) So when I took Benefit's newest mascara, They're Real!, for a test run, I had very few expectations. To my surprise, it performed rather well on my long but stubborn lashes!

I used my Shu Uemura lash curler and topped with two coats of mascara, waiting 30 seconds for the first coat to set before applying the second. My lashes looked rather clumpy with a third coat so I stuck with two for the photo below. My lashes did droop after a few hours but if Benefit produced a waterproof version of this mascara, I'd be all over it!

Two coats on upper lashes, one swipe on bottom lashes!

Also, the mascara head is just the right size for an 'oversized' wand. The CoverGirl Lashblast's wand looks similar but They're Real's outperforms it by a mile. They're Real!'s wand has a softer and gentler silicone/plastic head, with longer bristles to coat each lash at the root. [Note: CG Lashblasts - all of them, including the waterproof formulations - are my least favorite drugstore mascaras.]

Bottom Line: They're Real! has a comfortable, all-day wear and flake-free formula that is worth a shot for those with cooperate lashes.


  1. The mascara look like it did a good job! I recently splurged on the black Chanel lash curler and thought of The RAEviewer. ;)

  2. all-day wear and flake-free formula... i think i will love it..
    thanks for review rae

  3. You need to try out Hourglass Film Noir mascara. Expensive, yes (costs £30 here in the UK), but this is the ONLY mascara I've ever used that isn't waterproof that will thicken, lengthen and curl! Not only that, it holds the curl all day! I too have stubborn long straight Asian lashes (I don't even bother with lash curlers, they don't last an hour) this mascara has changed my life and is the HG of mascaras. One coat is all I need to get incredible definition that is just downright amazing.


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