Hello, all :D

Let me say, firstly, that I truly appreciate your entries and Lord knows it took me ages to get through them all! Also, thank you very much for your participation as well as your patience. I know this announcement has been a long time comin' but I have experienced some dramatic changes recently and I needed down-time away from the realm of beauty and the YouTube community to manage my new lifestyle. I hope you can understand.. I wish I had superpowers but alas, I am a mere mortal and my brain can only tolerate so much ;)

Now, without any further ado -

Grand Prize Winner: Michijee
She left me a superbly executed video response with a brief demonstration, product list, and even incorporated sub-titles and music. The video was under 1 minute, as the rules stipulated, and I would like to thank her for her preparation.

Second Place Winner: Naiabrown
She left me a comment under the contest video's page that described in clear detail what she topics would like me to address and invest more time to, a couple of which I had never given much consideration to.

Third Place Winner: XiaXia
She left me a comment under the contest's blog page and listed her HG products, one of which I have never tried [a mascara with a really long name - Majolica something something] but hope to try in the near future.

Winners: Please leave me your e-mail addresses under the comments below so that I may contact you for your mailing addresses. I will delete them after I jot them down, to protect your privacy :)

Once again, thanks to everyone for entering and for patiently awaiting the results <3
I am working on prom looks and have many, many reviews in the works. Chanel Summer 2011 is already out on the shelves and all I can say for now is.. go buy what you like while you still can!


  1. welcome back (to the blogging world) Rae - we've truely missed you. may be a given, but would LOVE to see a Chanel Summer 2011 review =)xo

  2. congrats to the winners! :) thank you for hosting such an awesome giveaway rae.

    i think you were referring to majolica majorca. you should try it too. it's also my HG mascara! ^o^

  3. hiii, i sent an email to you a while ago regarding your blog sale but still haven't gotten a reply. please check your email, thanks!

  4. Hi Rae!

    I am the second place winner. My email address is kelsidlbrown@gmail.com

    Thank u so much! I have never won anything before & I am so excited!

  5. I understand that you have been busy with life and now I am so happy to finally here from you again. I will definitely look forward to the upcoming videos. x

    Congratulations to the winners!

  6. wow! thanks Rae. (:
    my email address is je_t.aime(at)live.com.au

    the mascara was:
    shiseido majolica majorca lash expander
    like what sugar sugar said. it's wonderful! :D

  7. Welcome back!!
    you've been gone for so long that we all miss you!

  8. Love your new hair. What products did you use to dye it?

  9. Thanks so much for the opportunity - despite being a nervous mess having my face out there, it was a lot of fun and I can't thank you enough.

    You can email me at : michelle.jy.rhee@gmail.com

    Looking forward to your next video! :)

  10. majolica is amazing.

    Welcome back, RAE! We missed you!

    What are your plans after graduation and birthday? Are you excited? I am starting college in the fall.


  11. we've missed u so much rae! looking forward to your new videos which I'm sure will be as lovely as usual :D

  12. yay! you're finally back Rae. Can you please do a "How to apply false eyelashes" tutorial when you have a chance? Thanks.

    Congrats to the winners.=)

  13. Hi Rae! So glad you're back I've been busy trying out the Chanel Spring 2011 collection, loving your reviews I'm hooked, cant wait for your next one =)


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