A Suede Story: OPI's Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow

Suede: Natural Light
Suede: Sunlight
Suede w/Top Coat: Sunlight
Suede w/Top Coat: Sunlight close-up

This is my first Suede polish and I'm impressed. Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow is the newest addition to the Suede family and I purchased it because I was informed the polish's formula was improved. I am wearing this polish in my August Favorites video!

Application: 2 coats provide opaque color and surprisingly, the polish dries very quickly! It has a matte finish, while the glitters add a bit of texture. It applies smoothly and for the most part, evenly. OPI's professional brush is the perfect fit for my nails!

Color: Without a top coat, the color is a dry (boring) forest green with a bit of metallic shimmer. Personally, I would never wear the suede finish alone. I feel as though it ages my hands, which already look older than your typical 21 year-old's hands. With a top coat, however, Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow shines! Literally, it shines. The green base brightens up to a rich forest green and the metallic shimmers burst with iridescent color under the sunlight. I love it!!

RAEview's Rating: A+


  1. OMG. The finish is gorrgeous! Very clean and chic. :)

  2. The colour looks so so much better with the top coat! <3

  3. This is colour is so trendy here in australia! thnk u so much for the review rae! and love your you tube videos <3

  4. Wow! The top coat makes a HUGE difference! Very nice colour, though! :)
    Question, what the does the suede feel like? Is it smooth or rough? (Looks kind of rough-ish to me if you get my drift! >.<)

  5. i love it! did you purchase it in stores or online? i have a hard time finding the new collections for OPI polish..even at the nail supply place!

  6. Cathy - I must agree. If I wear it without a top coat on my toes, it makes my feet look like an alien's.. LOL

    Hkcandy - Aww, thank you very much!

    PetiteL - It looks rough, doesn't it? It's actually quite smooth to the touch. I couldn't detect any bumps or ridges :)

    Missxxmai - I purchase my polishes at Ulta or at a nail supply store, if I have the time to drive 20 minutes, which I usually do not :( But Ulta always has the new collections in stock so check there first, always!

  7. OMG I've never seen a green nail polish that I actually like!*-* Super sparkly and pretty!

  8. I've got "We'll Always have Paris" Suede, it's a pretty idea LOVED that it dried so quickly, but I agree with the after effect, alone by itself...awkward. Maybe it's just something one needs to get used to, but I've had that polish for almost a year now and its very hard to be completely happy with it without a glossy topcoat.

  9. woww. gorgeous colour! i want a colour like that for winter!

  10. This polish looks much gorgeous with top coat! So glossy and eyecatching =)!

  11. your so beautiful...can you teach me how to do ur eyeliner? That make small eyes pop..

  12. doesn't wearing top coat taking away from the suede look? With top coat is beautiful, but it gives a look of normal nail polish finish.

  13. I love how versatile the suedes are with the addition of top coat! I featured your beautiful swatch on my blog and thought I would give you a heads up :)

  14. The Polish Parada - Thank you for crediting me and linking back to my site!


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