REVIEW: Bobbi Brown Denim and Rose Palette

*The products are shown true to color for the sake of those who need to order online without seeing the product first. If you would like to see the palette in action as well, check out my tutorial!

Bobbi Brown's Fall 2010 Denim and Rose Collection caught my eye first and foremost because of the packaging. I'm not a denim addict but it's a rare occasion when a palette packaged in denim is released. That translates to MUST-BUY! Plus, the palette does not have a standard closure.. it has a zipper! And I love zippers as accents, especially when they're practical! :)

Colors Included: Navajo and Gray Denim [new] shadows, Pink Granite and Dark Rinse [new] Shimmer shadows, Pink Rose blush, Cool Rose and Indie Rose lipstick, Iced Lilac glitter lip gloss, and Hot Rose [the bright pink] lip gloss.

Fall is my favorite season of the year but this palette shouldn't be limited to use in the fall. All the shades are classics and universally flattering. All the shades are wearable, even the deep Indie Rose lip color. I like to apply it sheerly with a lip brush and use the Hot Rose lip gloss! The only product that I absolutely dislike is the Pink Granite sparkle shadow. It has MAJOR fall-out and does not stick to my eyes, even with a primer. You could spritz your brush with water and apply it that way but I personally do not like to use my shadows wet or with a mixing medium so I was disappointed in that shadow as it looks lovely sitting in the pan.

It was a bit on the expensive side but because all the colors are so easy to use on a day-to-day basis, it is worth the $70-something [that's including tax] you will spend. I will be reserving this for travel, as it's convenient and portable, so it's not the best purchase for me. But I'm positive the ladies who are always fixing themselves up on the go will appreciate this versatile and wearable palette!

It is a limited edition piece so pick it up while you still can!

RAEview's Rating: B+


  1. This palette truly is beautiful! Can't wait to get mine! hehe

  2. I passed on getting this palette for a reason.. but I can't seem to remember it now after watching your tutorial lol. You're such an enabler! It looks gorgeous on you. :D As always, wonderful post!

  3. Love the colours, but the only reason I won't pick it up is denim zip closure.

  4. this is off topic from your post but i really love your style. it is clean and simple. i was wondering what are your favorite bags? designers,styles, and color.

  5. Hi Rae, what do u think about the new Nars pallets w/ zip around package? Did u get a chance to take a look?

  6. I saw this at the CCO for 42.00 !!

  7. hmmm this looks inteersting, i think ill have to check it out. thanks for this!

    new follower =]


  8. I have discovered your youtube videos and I love them! i want to speak about denim&rose pallette in my blog and i will strongly recomend your blog because You are really an expert!!

    kisses from Spain


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