OPI Glitzerland - Lots of Glitz & Even More Glamour!

*I included the last photo, even though it is slightly out of focus, because the other photos were not able to capture the glitter's iridescence properly!

OPI Glitzerland was launched this Fall of 2010 with the Swiss Collection.

Collection Thoughts: The Swiss Collection is hefty, with twelve colors to choose from. I was only attracted to three colors but wound up purchasing two. [Yes, I took one out.. SELF-CONTROL!] I can't necessarily pinpoint the Swiss inspiration in the colors, other than the inclusion of red from the Swiss flag, but at least the names of the polishes are cute and memorable!

Color & Finish: Glitzerland is a champagne gold with a slightly beige base color and it as glitzy as the glamour girl in each of us could ask for! As you can see in the above photos, the polish appears to have a metallic finish in the shade and in natural light. The shimmer looks more subdued and leans toward the effect of a fine glitter foil. In the sunlight, however, Glitzerland really comes to life.. just like Paradoxal! The multi-faceted reflects of the glitters provide a hippity-hoppity show of rainbow-colored shooting stars for our eyes to take in with glee *tehehe* That's why it would make such a fabulous top coat for other polishes!

Application & Wear: The first coat gives my nails a sheer layer of glitter. The gold base is apparent but my nail line is still visible. The second coat builds up the color significantly. The glitters start to pop but my nail line is still visible. The third coat gives my nails complete coverage, with no visible nail lines! Furthermore, this polish does not chip easily! Even with my Seche Vite Top Coat, my Chanel varnishes chip after the 3rd or 4th day, but I wore Glitzerland for a week and it didn't even chip once! It did, however, fade at the very edges of my nails but that is normal wear and tear ;)

Dupe: Orly Luxe is the more intense, metallic version of Glitzerland. Luxe, however, has fewer iridescent glitter particles. Glitzerland is also a bit more beige while Luxe looks more like a true yellow gold against my hands' skintone. I will be reviewing Orly Luxe next so that you can see the differences. Personally, I find Glitzerland more wearable on a day-to-day basis.

Verdict: I feel that Glitzerland is the only must-have polish from the Swiss collection. I picked up another polish from the collection, Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous, but I prefer Glitzerland, as it can be worn all year round!

RAEview's Rating: A+


  1. Really pretty gold and gorgeous finish. I'm gonna have to hunt this one down.. Rae, you're such an enabler lol. Thank you for the wonderful review! ^^

  2. That color is gorgeous on your nails Rae! I wish I could pull off gold on my fingernails but since I'm quite tan at the moment it makes my hands look really yellow >_<. Don't you just love OPI's nail polish names? So fun!

  3. The colour is so gorgoes on your nails.I love how the glitter reflects the lights and shows multiple glitters within one!

    Since it's a glitter polish, is it hard to take off? :P I seem to always have issues with taking off glitter polishes.. hahah <3

    August 25, 2010 7:21 PM

  4. omg i'm in love with the colour!

  5. these two were the only ones i bought from the swiss collection as well :)

    have you tried opi's suede? you should! i just blogged about it here:

  6. gorgeous :D it's definitely on my wishlist!

  7. Very pretty! I like gold fingernails!

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  9. Please do something about your previous posts' photobucket pictures! I am new to your blog and find it really useful as we have similar skin tones. Would love to read past entries with pictures! Thank you x


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