Chanel Particuliere: A Peculiar Color for a Particularly Particular Girl


The title is a mouthful, isn't it? I adore alliterations and I couldn't resist using this one because I feel it truly suits me! ^_~ Now, on to the varnish..

Chanel Particuliere was released in the Spring of 2010.

Color: Particuliere has been called all sorts of fancy names, from taupe to mushroom. But when Laura of Lollipop26 deemed Particuliere akin to mud, I laughed out loud. Mud is a bit dark but it's an adequate description! I prefer to think of Particuliere as a mousy brown or milk chocolate with a bit of extra milk. It has an ever-so-slight grey lean but I think that's due to the creme finish.
I had this color shipped to me so when I first pulled it out of the box, I thought.. "Oh dear, this is going to look awful on my hands," but it turned out beautifully! It did not make my hands look tan or ashy, which a lot of varnishes seem to do. And I couldn't stop peeking at my nails throughout the day because everywhere I went, girls asked what polish I had on!

Finish: It is a creme finish, as previously stated, and perfectly opaque in two coats. I despise visible nail lines so to achieve such richness in two fine coats makes Particuliere a winner in my book. This is the quality that I've come to expect from my Chanel varnishes - the darker shades, at least!

Dupe? I own Essie Mink Muffs and it is NOT a dupe. It's noticeably darker than Particuliere. Also, I want to make it clear now that I do not call anything a dupe unless it really is a perfect match. Why? Because "dupe" is short for duplicate. By definition, then, a color cannot be considered a true duplicate unless it is a perfect match.
Some of you may think that is too technical but I have OCD and my perfectionist tendencies can't be helped. WAT CHU GONNA DO BOUT IT? oOooOOO Rae used slang and typed shorthand! =P I kid, I kid.. calm down!

Though Particuliere is a limited edition item, it is [thankfully] still available at a few department store counters. Call your local Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom or Macy's and see if they can track one down for you. Pick it up while you still can! If you want a more affordable alternative, Rimmel's Steel Grey polish is similar to Particuliere. Steel Grey is lighter and has more of a lilac-smoke lean than Particuliere. Either way, happy hunting!


P.S. I have so many nail varnishes to review: OPI Swiss and the newest addition to the Suede family, Orly Luxe - biggest bling for your buck, if I say so myself, and of course.. Chanel Fall 2010's Paradoxal and Jade Rose. I will try to incorporate more cosmetic reviews from now, too ^^


  1. The colour is soo gorgeous Rae ^__~

  2. That's a gorgeous colour!

    "Milk chocolate with a bit of extra milk" LOL, I love how you describe it!

  3. fearing that it would give my nails a 'dirty' look to it, i've been a bit hesitant to try a greyish tone varnish. but it does look nice on yours tho! :)

  4. Wow the color is nice.. i dont think i can pull it off tho =)

  5. Rae you are so clever =D, love the title. I am thrilled to see you poking fun at yourself and letting humor come through! I did try Particuliere and Paradoxal but neither of them called out to me. Then again, I'm not a polish person either!

  6. Love it! btw, I believe Particuliere is now in the permanent line :)

  7. hahaha, your title is the best-est!

  8. Was this a Spring 2010 color? I was able to purchase it early December 2010 from Norstrom as a present for a friend. I recently went back to buy one for myself (after seeing it here and on Courteney Cox's nails for her InStyle cover)and they said it was discontinued!

  9. I found this at Macys two days ago but I chose pardoxyl-- thx Rae for enabling me! Also this post cracked me up!


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