Hello, everyone!

I am sorry this took me so long to post. I was, by no means, pulling any tricks. I just wanted to give everyone a fair chance, which meant that it took me a while to read all the entries. What I did not expect, is exactly how long that would take. [My crazy schedule did have something to do with it, though! =(]

But finally, here it is.

Here is her entry:
Mademoiselle is beautifully made
in the Rouge Coco collection of shades
Mademoiselle, je parle le francais
tres chic, je veut le porter
Elegant and luxurious
Like chameleon that is mysterious
A unique look on everyone
Id like to get my own one
To match my classy, simple style
It would stick with me for a while
With the soft-press click
the cold metal lipstick
Is a definite classic
Mademoiselle looks fantastic

She wrote one of the only poems and it was indeed tres chic. Very simple, which I always prefer!

There were many wonderful entries but this happens to be the one I liked the best. I'm sorry if you don't agree with my decision but there are PLENTY of giveaways to come!

Much love and many thanks for your support and participation,



  1. Definitely deserves it! Very nicely said!

  2. I remember seeing this poem when I submitted my own entry and it indeed caught my attention.
    Congrats to the winner.

  3. Lovely poem, a worthy winner indeed! x

  4. Amazing entry....amazing poem. Congratulations to the winner!!!!!I recently purchased the Mademoiselle Rouge Coco and I absolutely love it!

  5. Wait... I thought there were going to be 30 winners?

  6. Anonymous... LOL Wow, you really expected me to spend over $1000 on lipsticks? That's insane. But to answer your questions, no, I stated that there would be only 1 winner.

  7. Hey Rae, it's thebirthaymessage on Youtube. Wow, I'm glad you really liked my poem! So, should I message you on YouTube instead so you know that I am thebirthdaymessage? Thank you so much! I love all your videos!

  8. TheBirthdayMessage: Silly me, I forgot to give you directions! Yes, please go ahead and message me your address so I can ship the lipstick out to you, which will most likely be done on Thursday [I have an exam on Wednesday so I won't be able to pick one up until then]. Congratulations =)

  9. There's only one mistake in this poem...it's "je veux" and not "je veut" lol ^^


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