DIOR HydrAction Tinted Moisturizer vs. the NEW Hydra Life Skin Tint

Initial Thoughts: The Hydra Life packaging is sleek but I'm not a fan of the uniform slate blue/grey tone. I didn't mind the color scheme [baby blue tube and white lid] of the HydrAction tinted moisturizer. Dior only made slight changes to the color and condensed text on the back. I purchased the Hydra Life Skin Tint in Shade #1 and it was a bit dark for me. I am NC 20 - 25 in MAC and as obvious from the photos, I use shade #2 in HydrAction's Tinted Moisturizer ;) Hence, the color #1 in Hydra Life's Skin Tint will be too dark for anyone fairer than NC 20. That is unfortunate because the HydrAction range had a Shade #1 that accommodated very fair skin. [You can see swatches below - HydrAction is to the left and Hyra Life is to the right.

The HL Skin Tint covered the redness of my cheeks well but it accentuated the presence of a pimple on my forehead =( That's because the finish of the Skin Tint is a bit reminiscent of vinyl - shiny, in a bad way. If you have enlarged pores or hyperpigmentation, the Skin TInt will work for you. If you, however, have acne or other skin texture issues, avoid the Skin Tint! The HA Tinted Moisturizer, on the other hand, leaves my skin looking silky, semi-matte, and healthy, not shiny. It never accentuated any pimples and covered my red cheeks equally well. It also did not make my face look like an oil slick at the end of the day =) I have to touch-up with powder and blotting sheets constantly when I use the Skin Tint but I only have to powder once mid-day when I am wearing the HydrAction TM.

The active ingredients are almost identical and the SPF has remained at 20. The Hydra Life feels slightly more water-based than the HydrAction TM, which almost reminds me of Laura Mercier's Silk Creme Foundation. HydrAction is very creamy for a TM but both Hydra Life and HydrAction blend seamlessly, without any tugging or pulling of the skin. Hydra Life was named for it's new implementation of plant extracts so it's possible they could have added aloe vera to the Skin Tint. Who knows for sure, though? It could be just an increase in the water ratio! ^^ Regardless, the Hydra Life has a thinner, more runny texture than does the HydrAction TM.

I much prefer the finish of HydrAction. It is only semi-matte for a few hours but it I think only dry-skinned gals could afford the high gloss finish of the Hyda Life. Believe me, I have dry cheeks and an oily T-Zone but I STILL look greasy immediately after application. Oily-skinned girls, BEWARE, of the Hydra Life Skin Tint! Also, the color may appear improved because there is less of a red tone than with the HydrAction TM but once applied to the face, it looks relatively similar in color to the TM.

Verdict: The HydrAction Tinted Moisturizer is still the winner. The Skin Tints have moved up one number in shade so the PPPs have been left in the cold - sorry! =( And I'll have to buy at least one back-up of the HydrAction TM before it's completely gone! Hydra Life really does moisturize my skin well but it leaves a sheer glossy film on my skin, and unfortunately, that makes my dry-combination skin look extremely oily on contact.

So...if you have very dry skin and you would like to give your skin that summer glow, try the Skin Tint!
But if you are like me and your T-Zone, or any part of your face, gets progressively oily throughout the day, you need to stick with Dior HydrAction [or Laura Mercier's Tinted Moisturizer's if you cannot find the HydrAction at your local counters any longer]

If you have further questions, feel free to ask!

P.S. Please note: The trash can with the lid is the EXPIRATION DATE. The number inside is 12, which means 12 months, and off the product goes into the bin! *The symbol to the right is telling you to read the product manual.


  1. Great review ^^
    I was wondering if you could do a tutorial on how to apply Dior HL skin tint? I just purchased this a few days ago and am applying it with a foundation brush which I find to be so streaky =\.

  2. I've been using the HL and I love it! My skin is super dry and I even put a moisturizer on before the HL and my skin doesn't seem to be shinny.

  3. I love the HydrAction tinted moisturizer... I'm really sad that it's been discontinued!


  4. I had been meaning to try the HA TM but never really got down to purchasing it...and now it's gone! I was disappointed with the HL formula when I swatched it because despite the more watery consistency, it left an unpleasant film on my skin. plus, the lightest colour didn't match me either! :(

  5. I'm so upset that they stopped making HydrAction... It was the best product I had ever come across. Now HydraLife is way to greasy and makes my face so oily looking. Do you have any recommendations for products similar to HydrAction?

  6. I think there are two problems with HL: the colours don't match and the texture is thicker.


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