REVIEW | Tom Ford Extreme Collection Eyeshadow Swatches + Lash and Brow Tint Swatches

I constantly see complaints that luxury brands don't offer enough color, but Tom Ford answered in a big way this Spring!  I can't see many being dissatisfied with the twenty eyeshadow singles and tinted mascaras released.  These are indeed ultra pigmented and long-wearing (no primer necessary whatsoever), but it's the mirrored mini-compact in sleek reflective chrome that is unique to Tom Ford's Extreme Collection that I adore.  Most swatch as well as they apply on the eyes.  I recommend using a densely packed flat brush for maximum color impact.   

I only have 16 shades but my favorites are the glitter finishes anyway and that's what I recommend because you can layer with any eyeshadow in your stash!  Some of the shades, particularly the blues and purples, are reminiscent of previous releases from quads and palettes but occasionally, repeats in single format are worth splurging on.  I absolutely love love love the glitters!

The textures are quite smooth, even for glitters which I normally apply with a clean fingertip.  The foil finishes are very vibrant, even the TFx4 shade which I always blend with a matte brown and matte orange to keep it wearable for daytime.  These eyeshadow might be intimidatingly bright but they are so easy to work with!

TFx17 is a deep turquoise glitter
TFx16 is a lavender glitter
TFx15 is a pink red glitter
TFx20 is a gold glitter
TFx19 is a slate blue silver glitter
TFx11 is an emerald green
TFx9 is an indigo with a purple duochrome
TFx8 is a beautiful teal
TFx7 is a rich royal purple
TFx6 is a cool violet
TFx3 is a bright pink
TFx10 is a charcoal black
TFx14 is a golden citron
TFx1 is a silvery grey
TFx4 is a coppery orange
TFx13 is a pink/lavender duochrome

TFx5 is a very pretty red, which is quite trendy for eyeshadow right now!  TFx12 is a burgundy berry and TFx2 is fairly traditional gold.  TFx18 is a military green glitter that I may really need in the fall season.

The new Extreme Lash and Brow Tints are pretty interesting, although not a must-have in my book.  No smudging though!  My favorite is TFx24 because it is the most wearable. This copper bronze shade is the perfect "colorful" shade to wear year-round and it catches light beautifully.  TFx22 has a slightly pink duochrome as seen in the swatches and TFx21 is extremely pigmented, probably the most impactful color on brown eyes.  TFx23 is a gorgeous teal that I know I'm going to love wearing in the summer, the only one that made my eyes pop when I opened up the tube!

Bottom line: These Tom Ford Extreme singles are expensive eyeshadows but wow, you need at least one.
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