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Tom Ford has released a few Soleil collections over the years and his highly anticipated 2017 line-up launched a couple months ago at Nordstrom. I've slowly been testing and working my way through the new formulas, and there were more than a few surprises than I'm accustomed to. I'm finally ready to share my favorites so let's begin with my favorites!

The Clutch Sized Tinted Lip Balm is my favorite Tom Ford beauty product of the moment. I only use Fathom and L'odissea (a coral-peach) which is my most-worn lip currently, despite how extremely dedicated to Louboutin matte lipsticks I may be. This lip balm formula is extremely hydrating with enough color to brighten up my complexion without overwhelming my bare face or minimal makeup looks. I keep one in my car, and another on my vanity; it's that good! When I'm wearing eye makeup and brows, I add a touch of the red-toned Fathom to the center of my lips for a lush gradated effect.

Most of you have probably realized by now that I don't wear very much blush. I have always been more of a bronzer lover, but I adore Tom Ford's blush formulas particularly this Sheer Cheek Duo in Bicoastal. It depends on my mood, but I like to layer the bright pink with the highlighter to create a shimmery blush, which makes this duo more versatile than it might appear at first glance. Sometimes I wear the highlighter on its own when I feel fancy. It really does help the bridge of my nose look taller and straighter!

Since Cle de Peau reformulated their highlighter, I haven't really fell in love with another. This baked Reflects Gilt Sheer Highlight Duo is textured just like the blush duo, and it has more color than I anticipated. Both shades work beautifully with my tan though! I use the top shade on top of my cheekbones and blend into my bronzer. The bottom shade is much more pigmented than I expected so I use it as eyeshadow instead and it works brilliantly for an effortless sun-kissed glow. I didn't think I would end up using this one at all but I enjoy it quite a bit.

Since everyone knows how much I have loved the Tom Ford Cream & Powder Eye Duos since they first launched, I don't feel that I have to review them constantly. The Soleil collection features a couple new shades, but my favorite of those is Paradiso because I love the coppery rose glitter. The cream appears more cool pink and has a stronger silver frost than I'd prefer but the base of the glitter adds warmth and balance. Even though Golden Peach has a brighter gold-toned glitter, I wear it the most! The cream leans strongly salmon, so I find that Golden Peach appears more bronzy in overall effect on my skintone. I don't think it's necessary to own both, but the creams are significantly different when worn alone.

I thought I would love Sun Worship but it leaned far too yellow and too sheer for my taste, whereas Young Adonis felt too ashy on my lids although it would be less dramatic alternative to a smoky eye. Especially in the summer I prefer warmer tones on my eyes and lips, so Naked Bronze is a safe universal bet in case rosy tones don't flatter your complexion. Nordstrom has all the available shades in stock so treat yourself to this no-nonsense easy to use duo now!

I initially wasn't crazy about the new Tom Ford The Ultimate Bronzer formula because I have become accustomed to using the original Terra and Gold Dust. When I opened my Terra compact, I felt it appeared too red, but it looks much more natural once applied to my skin. I still believe that for complexions with textural issues like acne scarring, the standard formula adheres and smooths better. But the aerated bouncy formula of this new bronzer is oil-free, talc-free, and pretty long wearing. It took me a while to perfect the placement and blending, but I have come to appreciate the innovation!

My second most-worn product from the Soleil Collection is undoubtedly this Eye and Cheek Palette in Warm. I've reviewed and swatched it in my latest May Favorites video, so please refer to that episode for in-depth details. The packaging is extremely luxe and travel friendly. Nordstrom is already sold out of the Warm palette, but the Cool is equally worthwhile! I gave my Cool Palette to my grandmother because she has much fairer skin, and every shade in the palette pops and looks lovely on her. The eyeshadows reminds me of Seductive Rose's, a lighter version of Disco Dusk, my go-to Tom Ford quad lately.

Since my makeup routine is so much more minimal than it used to be, I decided to throw in this Tom Ford Orchid Soleil Eau de Parfum. I never used to, but I spritz at least one perfume a day! Funny how things change with age, even if it's as insignificant as one element in our beauty rituals. Now, I generally prefer the Private Blend collection for fragrance, but I have been experimenting with Orchid Soleil. I'll admit I only wanted to try it on because the rose gold bottle is stunning, but the scent is so feminine and wearable! One spritz is quite enough for me, and it lasts half the day on my dry skin.

Here's a little bonus tip for those curious about how to keep our Tom Ford brushes clean! Try washing them regularly, at least twice a month, and use the Portofino Bar Soap. The scent is strong and has presence but it is not overwhelming, which I find rare in bar soaps. I normally use a mix of olive oil and gentle dish soap for most other brushes, but the Tom Ford PR team recommended this bar soap and I've never looked back! Stubborn makeup like foundation will wash out faster and the bright white bristles will smell heavenly too.

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