Christian Louboutin Loubichrome Nail Polishes Review + Swatches

Christian Louboutin launched in January 2017 a trio of Loubichrome miniature nail polishes that are — drumroll please — sold INDIVIDUALLY. Previous minis had been sold only as a complete set but these beauties are $30 each. Swatches of these energetic new shades after the jump!

These popped up online a few weeks ago and are now available at fine retailers such as Sephora and Neiman Marcus. This Loubichrome collection is limited edition as Christian Louboutin's seasonal colors usually are. The iridescent finish of the handles were designed to mirror the ultra-luxurious Specchio laminated leather from his womenswear line. Specchio is able to capture light and take on new dimension, and it might feel familiar. Why? This trio is reminiscent of the beetle inspired Scarabee collection from 2015.

The difference between the two collections is that Loubichrome is far more pearly and metallic while the Scarabee is strongly duochrome. The Loubichrome trio is housed in multi-colored chrome boxes in a combination of all three shades, which makes the experience that much more exciting and cohesive. I swatched one of the Scarabee shades (the violet-blue on my pinky) to show the subtle differences in finish, but I enjoy wearing each and every color for its own unique characteristics.

The rosy red Loubichrome II is my personal favorite since it is unlike any other color in my nail polish collection, but the vibrant yellow-lime green Loubichrome III is the perfect summer pedicure shade. Use three coats for full coverage. It photographs more yellow than it appears in real life which I prefer. The strongly silver magenta Loubichrome I shade applied the smoothest and pigmentation was also the richest, but it isn't the kind of color I see myself wearing often due to my skin tone. Perhaps if it were darker or more pink.

Again, Loubichrome III is by far the most pigmented while Loubichrome I is the sheerest in the trio and shows brush strokes the most. I wouldn't say my nails appear to be "dipped in liquid metal" but they do capture quite a bit of attention. Both men and women would compliment the fun but edgy colors when they saw my fingers at the grocery store (random, I know). 

I am truly dedicated to my Christian Louboutin Nail Lacquers, and these quirky new shades are no exception. Lately I wear a lot of Kohl manicures because I've finally converted to the dark side, but it is really fun to switch up my routine with good brights again! Give them a try and let me know what you think xo
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