TOP 5 | My Amore Pacific Must-Haves Comprehensive Review + Photos

Most of you are probably aware that Amore Pacific is the leader of the Korean beauty product industry. They produce some of my favorite kbeauty essentials, like Sulwhasoo's Brightening Cushion and Snowise EX Masks, but they also have their own signature line of skin care. I tried Amore Pacific's basic Moisture Bound skin care range in the past and couldn't find anything that was compatible with my finicky skin. The Time Response and Future Response products, however, are a completely different story!

I've been testing a ton of top tier luxury skin care the past two months, so I did not have high expectations for the Time Response collection but wow! I was floored by the overnight results. The Time Response Skin Renewal Creme especially impressed me because it felt a little balmy but had fully penetrated my skin when I woke up seven hours later. My skin felt nourished and rejuvenated and super smooth, none of that slick oily residue that can occur with heavier moisturizers. I was using SK-II's LXP Creme for a while, but I think I will be switching to the Skin Renewal Creme full time since it doesn't clog my pores at all.

The Time Response Skin Renewal Gel Creme is more ideal for those with combination or oily skin, but I choose to use it under base makeup since I tend to layer on two different kinds of sunscreen. The texture is much thinner than the Creme and feels like luxurious water when applied to my face. I would say it is similar in form and function to La Mer's Soft Cream, but the Gel Creme is a much better product. Although I like it, I find that I have to use at least 3x more of the Soft Cream to achieve the same hydration that I get with a pea sized amount of the Amore Pacific Gel Creme.

Now, the Time Response Skin Renewal Serum is insanely expensive but it works. My skin is on the thicker side of the spectrum, probably because I put my face through the ringer constantly and partly due to genetics. I feel that I can visibly see of all the anti-oxidants fighting to keep my skin clear and balanced. My pores definitely look smaller because of it! I love this formula, but I recommend starting with the Time Response Creme and Future Response Age Defense Serum combination first because I think you get the most bang for your buck that way.

The Future Response Age Defense Serum is priced well, especially since you get all the benefits of anti-aging properties with the anti-oxidant boost that any complexion needs. Amore Pacific actually researches and grows all their own green tea and herbal extracts, and I think it really shows in their premium products. Although the Future Response Age Defense Serum has a much denser formula than the Time Response Serum, it feels very soothing once it is on the skin. It helps to fill in the pores a bit as well. My skin looks bouncy and the fragrance is very uplifting, so I generally reach for this one in the mornings.

Last but not least is the incredible Resort Collection Tinted Sun Protection Cushion. Whenever I'm not wearing foundation, you can bet money that I'll be reapplying SPF at least every two to three hours. I need a million of these cushions to get me through the summer. In fact, I'll probably carry around a bit of stick concealer and reapply both during the day to keep things light and natural. As I've mentioned before, unless I'm filming or testing new color products, I try to avoid wearing a full face of makeup since I don't want to speed up the aging process any more than I have to!

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