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As part of my birthday celebration, I embarked on a long road trip with Beau to Vancouver, Canada. Most of you are thoroughly exhausted about hearing of my interior design project without seeing the results, but I promise, the content is coming! Getting all the final little bits and bobs together has been very stressful to say the least, so I needed a break away from the apartment and get some fresh, different kind of air.

I normally don't allow him to stuff like this, but he was so happy! He's my curious baby weirdo
My sunglasses are on sale! Get them here now!
Instead of going on a fancy spa getaway with the girls, I decided I wanted to try something different and allow Beau the chance to see the world outside of California. He's truly loving it. The cool wind in his fur, the endless amount of plants to sniff, the awesome dogs and their parents we have met along the way.. it has been an adventure and we are only halfway through! And yes, Beau is great in the car because he's used to joining me wherever I drive, so he's an ideal road trip companion.

I feel that being surrounded by so much lush and pure nature has given me the inspirational push that I've been craving. Sometimes it's hard to find ways to reset, and even crossfit and pilates were starting to feel a bit routine. Hiking is a bit new to me, but I'm loving this form of cardio and plan to stick with it! I still enjoy running but hiking is different. The elevation definitely takes its toll on my body and has shown me (more) weaknesses that I did not know I had, despite being very active and fit the last six months. 

If you're interested in my journey, check out my snapchat stories! My user name is raeview, and I've been trying to post as much as possible daily. I'm mixing food with animals and scenery, so it should be an interesting mix since some of you have commented that I only ever post photos of Beau. The cold hard truth is, I sit at home with my glasses on working in front of the computer a vast majority of the time, so he's the most exciting thing I've got going on in my life! xo

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