TOP 10 | Fall 2015 Beauty It-List + GIVEAWAY

Fall is every beauty girl's favorite season, so I wanted to take this opportunity to highlight the latest and greatest! Some of this top ten is new for Fall 2015, while others are cult classics. Check out the details and swatches after the jump xo

Goldfaden MD's new Plant Profusion Energetic Eye Cream is my latest eye cream on rotation. I'm always on the hunt for a new eye cream because I haven't found "the one" just yet. I still adore and use Bakel Cool Eyes in the mornings to reduce puffiness, but I've been searching for a more nourishing version. This Goldfaden eye cream rehydrates and makes the shadowy areas look less noticeable. Due to lack of regular sleep and lots of traveling, my under-eye bags are out of control lately, but this eye cream is definitely helping!

I am really head over heels for the Goldfaden MD Hands to Heart Hand Treatment. I avoided hand cream and body lotion my entire life, but I noticed that the number of freckles and age spots have grown exponentially the last couple years. This Hands to Heart hand cream has noticeably improved the overall condition by moisturizing and brightening! It also smells citrusy which perks up my mood, so I have come to enjoy reapplying this one. I highly recommend it!

Bumble and Bumble recently launched their Surf Infusion, an oil- and salt-infused spray to create sexy, tousled beach waves. Since my hair color is still red, the soft sheen that the oils add makes a huge difference in the finished look of my style. A lot of salt sprays tend to make my hair look frizzy and crunchy instead of sea-tossed. My hair has been color processed quite a bit, so this spray is perfect when I want to achieve windswept, beachy texture without compromising my hair's health.

Natura Bisse C+C Vitamin Souffle Mask. This is an incredible firming mask, but the best part is that it's affordable! My favorite Natura Bisse product, the Glyco Extreme Peel, has yet to be unseated but this new souffle mask feels so refreshing. I love that it stimulates the formation of collagen and provides a boost of antioxidants. I can't say that it has diminished any of my dark spots just yet, but I do think that the elasticity of my skin is improved with every application! Although I use it twice a week, I would use it every day if I could.

Mila Moursi's Cleansing Milk is my first foray into her famed skin care. I was seeing rave reviews from my friends via Instagram,  so I figured I would start with a basic product and work my way up. I have only recently converted to cleansing milks (as opposed to my beloved foams), but I already have a couple favorites. Mila's Cleansing Milk is the most mild and leaves my skin supple so I highly recommend it to those with sensitive dry skin. The instructions recommend removing the cleanser with a damp lukewarm washcloth, but I just rinse with water.

Tata Harper Volumizing Lips and Cheek Tint in Very Charming. I have steered clear of cream products on my cheeks for the last three years due to acne. Now that my active blemishes are gone and the scars are much less noticeable, I have started wearing cream tints again! Tata's natural formula is emollient and buildable without slipping off after a couple hours. Very Charming has a slightly cool lean, but it is still universally flattering across fair to light-medium complexions.

L to R :: Pink Grapefruit, Juicy Papaya, Very Charming
Since lipsticks are a perennial must-have, I'll rave about Laura Mercier's Lip Parfait Creamy Colourbalms again. I wanted to feature Juicy Papaya and Pink Grapefruit because they are two entirely different but very versatile colors. They're not necessarily shades that you would think of when you think of fall, but that's exactly why I chose them. Juicy Papaya is a true orange that looks incredible when mixed with a bit of red, whereas Pink Grapefruit makes a pretty and reliable everyday color. Most importantly, this Lip Parfait formula works well with my easily irritated, chronically dry lips.

If you watch my youtube videos, you'll likely remember me talking about Leif. The Australian brand's Lemon Myrtle Body Cleanser is my body staple this season. I have used up an entire Wild Rosella and Alpine Pepper cleanser, but the Lemon Myrtle is my preferred scent for Fall. These Leif shower gels are non-drying and are available in two sizes. I prefer the larger one with a pump because I use it daily. The fragrances are natural yet invigorating, and the formula thoroughly cleanses without stripping my skin. Two thumbs up!

Let's wrap up with hair care! Oribe Shampoo for Beautiful Color and Masque for Beautiful Color are my latest obsessions. Although I have used Shu Uemura Art of Hair and Kerastase diligently since I was in college, I have fallen in love with Oribe's Beautiful Color lineup. The Split End Sealer is lovely, but my favorites from the range are the Shampoo and the Masque. The shampoo lathers well but does not dry out my over-processed hair, while the masque replenishes and also prevents shedding. Red is notorious for fading the fastest of any hair color, but I have noticed that I do not have to go in as frequently for re-glazing after using Beautiful Color products!

Oribe Soft Dry Conditioner Spray is a new release from the inventive brand, and it is much better than I expected! I love how it adds softness and shine without weighing down my hair. I like to use this on the mid-lengths to the ends since they're extra dry. I tend to use it more on second day or third day hair in conjunction with dry shampoo. Since it detangles, this Soft Dry Conditioning Spray is a must-have for longer hair that needs more frequent brushing.

Now, SpaceNK was kind enough to offer www.theraeviewer.com readers an exclusive promo code to help shake up your beauty routine! At checkout on spacenk.com, enter RAESPACENK15 to enjoy $20 off purchases of $75 or more (US only). This offer lasts only until Friday, October 2nd!

I, however, saved the best tidbit for last! SpaceNK generously provided an entire set of my Fall It-List picks to offer one of my lucky readers (USA only due to shipping restrictions). To enter the giveaway, please complete the requirements below!

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3. Check back here on October 3rd for the announcement of the lucky winner!
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Congratulations to Daynies 
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  1. Following both on twitter (@sookhyun) and instagram (@hyunbun)! I would like to try the Natura Bisse C+C Vitamin Souffle Mask because of its antioxidants. I usually stick with charcoal masks but now that my skin is older, i think some nourishment is in order. Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Thank you for this post and to you and SpaceNK for hosting this amazing getaway! I have learned so many things and see so many new & fabulous products that I would absolutely LOVE to try out for fall 2015! :) I think the most exciting out of your 10 picks would have to be the Oribe Soft Dry Conditioner Spray - I have previously tried the Dry Texturizing Spray but I think that this would be perfect for my long hair during the fall especially during harsher weather such as wind. Twitter: xoshirleylin Instagram: shirley_lin.

  3. My twitter is @suelee611
    My instagram is: suelee_1106

  4. HI Rae! I am plumeriapdx on IG and scenthive on Twitter

    I would love to try the Leif Lemon Myrtle body wash as I love sandalwood, and your description of it sounds lovely!

    Thanks for a terrific giveaway!


  5. Hi! I am @daynies on IG and Twitter. :)
    I would love to try the Oribe Masque for Beautiful Color. I also dyed my hair a reddish tone and my hair could use a little extra moisture and love after all the processing it's been through.

    Thank you for your awesome reviews of the products on your Fall 2015 Beauty It-List!

  6. I would have to say that I love lipsticks and the colors above, I'd choose them first.


  7. I'd love to try the Oribe Shampoo and masque. I've used a sample of it before and it was INCREDIBLE!
    I follow you and SpaceNK on Instagram and Twitter (mamavalveeta03)

  8. I would absolutely love to try the Natura Bisse C + C Vitamin Soufflé Mask. I can just image how refreshing it would feel as it soaks and into your skin. I'm a sucker for antioxidants and vitamins and what better than to be able to hydrate your skin with this amazing sounding mask.
    Thank you for having this give away. Great products that I would love to try out!
    Twitter and Instagram

  9. I'm landers_ily on both instagram and twitter.

    I am DYING to try the Oribe Soft Conditioner Spray since hearing that it was going to come out - the description provided sounds like it's exactly what I need!

  10. It's tough picking the top one but I'm most excited to try the Mila Moursi's cleansing milk, I need a gentle daily cleanser. Following on Twitter @agvoss and Instagram avosslm

  11. I would love to try Laura Mercier's Lip Parfait Creamy Colourbalms - the colors look awesome and beautiful. My twitter is travelactuary and instagram is wwtraveler7! thanks for hosting!!

  12. I would love to try the Oribe soft conditioner dry spray because my hair tends to get more dry opinion between washes. I usually use dry shampoo at the roots, but this would be great to use at my tips.

    Twitter and Instagram handle @clong1327

  13. I'm a lip product addict so I would definitely love to try Laura Mercier's colourbalms! Following on instagram and twitter both with @ticktahk. Thank you!

  14. Thanks for hosting this event! I love then Oribe line and would love to try out the dry shampoo!!! Not washing my hair every day and using dry shampoo only takes care of my roots but doesn't help my dry ends.
    ig and twitter @sarahquynhh

  15. I was most excited about the LM lip parfaits when you talked about them in one of your previous videos! Following via twitter & instagram with @melliescloset

  16. Hi Rae! Every since you've been talking about the Laura Mercier's lip parfaits, I've been dying to try them!! My twitter handle is @jch306 and @judy_124 on instagram! Once again, thanks for the opportunity!

    P.S. so excited for your Korean haul!

  17. I've been following Rae for a while on Instagram (now @sylchoix) and I'm glad I get so many useful beauty tips from her. Based on the product reviews, I want to try Bumble and Bumble surf infusion. Like Rae said, I didn't really like the surf spray as it made my hair crunchy while making it look wavey. I'm curious to find out whether this new product will work better in creating wavey hair but still not making my hair so crunchy. Oribe's new dry conditioner spray sounds very interesting too.

    Thank you Rae and SpaceNKusa for this wonderful event. Started following both of you on Twitter too (@sylbschoix)

  18. I'd love to try the vitamin C mask for my stubborn dark spots and since my face has been looking dull lately, and my instagram and twitter are coodjs and @kanyesbasedego. Thank you for holding this giveaway!

  19. I'd love to try the vitamin C mask for my dark spots and dull complexion, and my instagram and twitter are coodjs and @kanyesbasedego. Thank you for holding this giveaway!

  20. Hi there! Following both on twitter (my handle: Angeladawn2758) and instagram (my handle: Angeladawnblogs). I would love to try the Goldfaden Hands to Heart cream. I gravitate toward hand creams, lotions & balms and would love to have another to add to the collection.

  21. Hello,
    I would love to try the Natura Bisse face masque as I have both acne and excema so am highly interested in skin care. My Instagram is @sapphirestars15 and my Twitter is @teryn15. Thank you!

  22. I would love to try the Goldfaden MD's new Plant Profusion Energetic Eye Cream on my tired eyes!

  23. I follow both on twitter and instagram @mermont84

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. Following on instagram (@fatemski) and twitter (@fabdurrob). Would love to try the Laura Mercier lip parfaits--the looked gorgeous on you in your hits and misses video!

  26. I'm following both on Twitter with the handle @LucyWu and on Instagram with the handle @lucyswu.

    I really want to try the Laura Mercier Lip Parfaits, ever since you've talked about how amazing they are, I've been dying to try them. Although I would also love to try the mask too. Love your work, Rae!!

  27. @lct225 on both Twitter and Instagram

    I, like you, have never found my holy grail eye cream. I have the absolute worse hereditary dark circles and some puffiness, and I'm noticing a lot of fine lines these days so anything that works would be amazing!!

  28. twitter janiehazel & IG is adorabellas. Would loooooooove to try the Oribe dry conditioning spray! My ends are soooooooo dry. No clue why, maybe because I'm cowashing with a cleansing conditioner (ojun) and shampoo (sachajuan) but this sounds like it would help me with my dry ends! I love trying new dry shampoos and never heard of a dry conditioner before. Amazing! Love your site and reviews. Keep being amazing and your top ten lipstick review vid helped me buy my first by terry terrybly lipstick! Love it but omgosh does it smell kinda like stinky roses lol But that doesn't mean I won't buy more! the texture of it is amazing on my lips

  29. I'd love to try th Lemon Myrtle Body Cleanser because I think the scent is perfect for Fall. Twitter: @m3lee123 Instagram: _m3l33

  30. I am following on Instagram (@ChdNakhre) and twitter (@damankochhar). I especially revisited my account to enter the giveaway :)
    I love trying new lip products and skin care, so my pick is laura mercier color balms and nature bisse face masque.
    Good luck to all!!

  31. I am following Instagram (@ChdNakhre) and twitter ( @damankochhar). I revisited my account on twitter after soooo long to enter the giveaway :)

    I like trying new skin care products and lip products in makeup. Excited to get my hands on laura mercier colourbalms and nature bisse face masque.

  32. Thanks for this giveaway, Rae! I'm so excited :)
    Looking at your top picks I'm interested in the Tata Harper Volumizing Lips and Cheek Tint because I love Japanese and Korean cosmetics but I still haven't tried this brand. The cleasing milk by Mila Moursi looks also very interesting!

    I follow you and SpaceNK on both Instagram and Twitter. My username is superdimitri

    Good luck everyone!

  33. Hello Rae! Thank you for hosting this giveaway! It is very generous of you <3 I would like to try the Natural Bisse C+C vitamin soufflé mask to try getting rid of hyperpigmentation left by acne and to boost collagen. I don't have Twitter, but my Instagram is: aymaylee

  34. My Twitter and Instagram handles are @shatayagraham03294.
    I have to say that all the product are enormously intriguing and to decide on one is proving to be difficult given that the whole array of the would serve as one morning and nighttime skin care regime as well as a fatal hair care routine .GO FIGURE....:) as I can only choose one it would totally be the "NATURA BISSE" *VITAMIN C+C SOUFLEE MASK*.Due to the discoloration I have on my skin , the potency of vitamin C and the way it encourages cell renewal Is genius; as well as the mask detoxifying ones skin and drawing out impurities it's like one stop shopping in my opinion.
    Thanks @rae review and @spacenk for this bevy of life changing products I'm sure and good luck to all.....muah;)

  35. And my Twitter is @alexayeames, insta is frostinthemiddle

  36. Hello,
    Several things sound so interesting to try. I never had an eye cream and world surely love to see what it could do to my tired undereye area, same goes for the shampoo and masque. Quite recently I bleached my hair and it could surely use some extra love. However my favourite are the lipsticks! They look so fresh and juicy, colorful and not a lot like fall indeed but I immediately fell in love with the colours. Would really really love to try then!
    I follow you on instagram and twitter with the name mmengelhard.

  37. My favorite product is Plant Profusion Energetic Eye Cream. Since I easily have dark eye circles due to lack of sleep, I need a good eye cream that can hydrate and moisturize my eyes.
    Twitter - cistran29
    Instagram - beyourself2911

  38. Hi Rae,

    Thank you for highlighting your fall favourites. I'd like to try the Oribe Dry Conditioner spray the most as I've never tried any of the Oribe products and with my fine and thin hair, finding hair products that won't weigh it down is super difficult!

    Instagram: __anita
    Twitter: ___anitacho

    Thank you!

  39. Hi,
    I would love to try those lipsticks from Laura Mercier. They look so beautiful. I would like to try them out. Thank you for your giveaway!
    My IG: @anna_nguyen606
    Twitter: @Trang Anna Nguyen

  40. I would like to try those lipsticks from Laura Mercier. They look so beautiful. Thank you for this giveaway opportunity!
    Best of luck to you!
    IG: @anna_nguyen606
    Twitter:@Trang Anna Nguyen

  41. I follow you through instagram reddiva83 and twitter professor13. I would like to try the oribe shampoo .

  42. They all sound amazing, but I want to try the Lemon Myrtle body cleanser the most! Following on both accounts on twitter and instagram @slynn1243

  43. Hi, I would love to try the Natura Bisse C+C Vitamin Souffle Mask! I've been having some trouble with eczema and spots this past while and would love to try something that may help it calm down a bit! My instagram is @wyama0603, and twitter is @y_wakako, thank you:)

  44. Hi, I would love to try the Natura Bisse C+C Vitamin Souffle Mask! I've been having some trouble with eczema and spots this past while and would love to see if this product would help it calm down a bit! My instagram is @wyama0603 and twitter @y_wakako, thank you :)

  45. I would love to try the Laura mercier's lip parfait creamy colourbalms - I have the same problem with chronically dry and irritated lips (still looking for the perfect lip product! ) 💋💋💋 thank you!!! (Instagram: @drmarygay , Twitter: @artgay777)

  46. (Sorry my comment doesn't seem to post) - I would love to try the Laura Mercier lip parfait creamy colourbalms as I have the same lip problem- chronically dry and irritated. Love your reviews and videos!!! Thank you!!! 💋💋💋 (Instagram: @drmarygay, Twitter: @artgay777)

  47. I would love to try all the lippies! They're gorgeous! @veernicetoes for both Twitter and Instagram

  48. Oh how nice of you and Space NK to provide a giveaway for all of us! Thank you so much!

    I've followed you on twitter/instagram for a long time now so that's done of course and Space NK USA I have followed on twitter (mine is: hellohimawari_) and instagram (mine is: hellohimawarii). Out of your amazing 10 must haves for Fall, I'd choose Laura Mercier's Lip Parfait Creamy Colourbalms to try first because I love Laura Mercier and the colors look absolutely beautiful. I suffer from very dry lips (just like you!) and so I am always opting to choose lipsticks that will help my lips while also looking great. It's such a struggle to find a great lipstick that also helps my dry lips, and the colors you've chosen are so gorgeous! I honestly love all of them! I just want to say your skincare picks are so great, I'm always looking for new products to try and incorporate into my skincare regime so winning this would also be amazing for my oily and acne prone skin. Thank you so much again!

  49. Hi Rae!

    For your giveaway I would love to try the Mila Moursi's Clensing Milk! I have sensitive dry skin and would love to see if it is good for my skin! I'm looking forward to trying it on my skin! My Instagram is @gnay_pdao and my Twitter is Pa_Dao_Yang.

    Have a great day! Lot's of love!

    -PaDao Yang

  50. Would love to try Mila Moursi and Natura's mask and Laura's lipstick. @damselflavored

  51. Hi

    I would love to try the Oribe Shampoo for color. I follow you bite on both Instagram and Twitter. My IG handle us @kristinn_ng and my Twitter handle us @kristin_ng.

  52. Would love to try the Laura Mercier colourbalms! Like you, I have very sensitive lips and find that even some ChapStick's and lip treatments cause my lips to peel and get even more dry (ironic when those are supposed to help moisturize...). Would love to find a colored lip product that does not lead to peely lips!

    Insta: smoone
    Twitter: craftsmy

  53. Tata Harper Volumizing Lips and Cheek Tint! I have been dying to try anything by Tata Harper so the lip and cheek tint would definitely be first on my list. Thank you so much for offering such a lovely and generous giveaway!


  54. I follow you on Instagram as @norma_watson and on Twitter as @normawatson.


  55. I would love to try the Hands to Heart hand treatment. Just like you i have avoid using any type of lotion my entire life, even when bath and body was a big thing in high school and all the girls had the lotions. I just couldn't get with the program. I m trying to find a right lotion for me now that doesn't feel sticky but gives me supple skin.

    Insta: meeh.ow
    twitter: minimisfit


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