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As many of you may have read here on the blog, I have used Equitance skin care for the last year. Although I am constantly trying new products, I always come back to the Equitance Brightening Foaming Cleanser and Brightening Toning Lotion. They are my top two picks from the collection and some of the best brightening skin care I own. 

Today I wanted to share some new clinical study information that proves how effective Equitance's products are! More detailed information can be found here. I know that skin care can be a big financial commitment so many savvy readers and shoppers are interested in seeing research and substance behind pretty packaging nowadays. This study was conducted by certified dermatologists over a period of four months, and the results are impressive.

111 healthy women between the ages of 37 to 65 participated by cleansing with the foam, enhancing with the toner, brightening with the spot corrector, moisturizing with the cream, and protecting with the sunscreen. After 4 months, every woman observed improvement in the appearance of her dark spots. African American women saw the most improvement with a mean percent difference of -32.6%, with Caucasian women at -29.8% and Asian women at -26.4%.

After 4 months, again, all participants observed the improvement of the appearance of skin brightness. Caucasian women led the way with a mean percent difference of -41.4%, African American at -30.2%, and Asian -36.4%. Even after just 1 month of use, however, 91.9% of subjects answered, "My skin looks brighter." Some women commented that their skin looked smoother, while others said that their skin felt softer. A whopping 91.9% of subjects answered, "I like the Equitance skincare regimen" after 1 month, so give it a try!

The key brightening ingredient in Equtiance's products is linoleic acid, which is derived from Safflower see oil. After 18 years of brightening research, Equitance found that linoleic acid helps to significantly minimize the appearance of dark spots. It also mildly promotes the exfoliation of the store melanin from those dark spots. Cherry blossom leaf extract, shell ginger extract, and licorice extract also moisturize and brighten. 

I highly recommend starting with the Equitance Skin Care Trial Kit since you can try all six products for $37. It's also ideal for frequent flyers because the bottle sizes are airport/TSA-friendly! The Equitance brightening products are fuss-free with luxurious yet lightweight textures that absorb easily and yield excellent results. I highly recommend their products because they are the best possible balance between price and performance!

Get 40% OFF any purchase on the Equitance website on Friday, September 25th 2015. With any $75 purchase, you'll also be eligible for a FREE Regimen Sample Set, which includes trial sizes of all 5 products! Happy shopping xo 
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  1. are you also using the equitance skin radiance dietary supplement?


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