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I have been dedicated to Diptyque ever since I discovered the Baies candle approximately four years ago. I was still in college, and my friends thought I had lost my marbles when I told them I had spent $100 on one candle. It has since survived moving in and out of four different apartments, so I know it was worth every hard-earned penny. I've shared my Diptyque favorites before, but here I'll focus on my Top 5 must-haves!

My favorite Diptyque product at the most is the Un Air de Diptyque, an incredibly chic and stylish yet practical electric diffuser. Some have sensitivities to candles or have too many children and pets running around to light them. I highly recommend Un Air for those with busy lifestyles and large households because the system requires no effort, all while elevating your living room decor. It's a financial commitment, but the metalwork cage receives endless compliments when I have company over. More importantly, I enjoy looking at it!

It requires charging occasionally, but the cordless design is low maintenance. Press down the the ceramic outer sleeve to start the scent cycle, which lasts for an hour and fragrances the room for the entire day. It turns off automatically, a nice pace from a candle which should be monitored closely and snuffed out properly. Every diffuser capsule, which must be purchased separately, lasts approximately 40 hours and is available in all the classic fragrances such as Baies and Figuier. If you are a Diptyque devotee, this Un Air electric diffuser is the way to go!

I have also been using the smaller Hourglass Diffuser in my studio/makeup room because I'm afraid of clumsily tipping over a burning candle. It is easy to use; simply turn it over to begin the 20 minute fragrance cycle. The concept is modern and alluring. As visually stunning as this Hourglass Diffuser is, I do think the Un Air electric version is preferable for those looking for a home fragrance that is truly fuss-free. The hourglass shape has a tendency to leave a residue on the surface of my table, so I just leave it on a large agate coaster. If turned over 4x a day as instructed, however, each $50 refill will last for two and a half months and the leaking will be minimized. I love how this shapely diffuser slowly and delicately releases the scent, so I still recommend it. It's a must-have for small rooms!

Let's take a break from home fragrances. If you've never tried Diptyque personal fragrances, you are in for a treat! Florabellio is currently my most worn Diptyque Eau de Toilette. I love Philosykos for something with more unisex appeal as it is quite bright and refreshing with more green as it dries. Florabellio, however, is new to the scene and has captured my heart! I love how quirky it is. It opens up with strong aquatic and subtle floral notes, but the sea spray and fennel lends the dry down a unique salty and peppery finish. Interestingly enough, it contains coffee notes, but they are faint on my skin. Florabellio is a feminine fragrance, but it's smooth and airy and natural - not too sweet or girly. Florabellio and Philosykos are my top two Eau de Toilette recommendations, and both last around 4 hours on my skin! If you're looking for an Eau de Parfum, try L'ombre dans L'Eau.

Now it's time to marvel at my boutique exclusive photophore collection! I have three but plan on collecting the rest. I currently own the basic Large Photophore Complete Twist, which is classically paired with the standard full-size glass candle. It looks lovely anywhere in the house. My personal favorite, though, is the Plumage Photophore. I've always had a weakness for marble and ceramic, so this combination was made for me! I love the white biscuit feather pattern because it is a subtle spin on a refined, clean look. The bronze Feuillage Photophore has a natural walnut base and lace of foliage cage. This is one special because it allows warm flickers of shadow and candlelight to spill through. These two are sized to accommodate the larger Collection 34 Pillar Candles, but I use them with the standard glass and colored glass candles! I plan to purchase the Paysage Photophore and pop in the Les Lilas or Le Redouté scented pillar candle once I'm done decorating my apartment next month.

Of course, we cannot forget the candles. Diptyque's beautiful candles have become beauty blogger photo must-haves over the years, but I buy them for their memorable fragrances. The candles are offered in various sizing, glass types, and scents. There's a little something to suit anyone's taste, so I love giving the mini candles as gifts for my friends and family to experiment! I tend to burn the large classic candles in my own home, but I especially love the oversized colored glass candles because they look so regal. Even though the glass is extra thick, the flame shines through every single one. They're worth the splurge! I've owned all variations of Baies since it is my favorite, but my current love is the boutique exclusive PB by Tomas Maier. Also, try experimenting with scent combinations!

Please call my sweet and knowledgable friend Justin at the South Coast Plaza boutique at 714.850.9995 if you are interested in learning more about Diptyque! All the sales associates there are very helpful, but tell Justin you read this review and he will send you an assortment of samples with your order. xo
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