SK-II R.N.A. Power Radical New Age Essence and Cream Review

I have been using SK-II's brand new R.N.A. Power lineup for several weeks now. The Essence and Cream have been reformulated to target all 10 known tell-tale signs of aging, and I can see on my travel-weary skin that it's working! More details after the jump!

The R.N.A. Radical New Age products will soon phase out and replace the Stempower (USA: Essential Power) range. I loved the Stempower Cream, but the new R.N.A. Power Cream has a similar velvety-smooth consistency. The formula is excellent for layering and can be used day or night. It reduces the appearance of my large pores and relieves the dullness that occurs when my skin is dehydrated. I love that the cream is still lightweight so all skin types can use it! SK-II did add a fragrance this time around, but it is ultra light and soothing.

The updated serum is what really impressed me. The Stempower serum had a stingy pipette, but the R.N.A. Power Essence delivers enough serum for your entire face (3 pumps, about half a pea-sized each). The Radical New Age formula is creamier, with a milky white color that absorbs almost instantly. The Stempower serum had a translucent look and more of a gel texture. I find that the R.N.A. formula is an improvement, especially if you suffer from dry patches as I do! It feels nourishing without weighing down my skin, and it helps with resiliency — aka the bouncy effect!

I also notice that the Essence boosts the effects of the Cream, so try using them together for best results. Since my skin is so dehydrated, I have been using the R.N.A. Power duo in the mornings and layering the R.N.A. Essence with SK-II's LXP Ultimate Cream in the evenings!

Some might ask why I always recommend focusing on prevention, and that's because I've seen how it has positively affected my skin. Our skin starts aging earlier and earlier due to global warming and many other factors. I am halfway to 27 and do not have any crows feet or wrinkles despite living in hot and sunny Southern California! That's largely due to the fact that I've taken all the precautionary measures possible. If you're looking for high-performance skin care and/or anti-aging care, look no further. Currently, R.N.A. Power is available at Singapore's Changi airport but should be stocked worldwide over the next year.

Bottom Line: Those who loved Stempower or Essential Power will enjoy the revolutionary new updates to SK-II's best anti-aging skincare!
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  1. I tried the SKII range, despite of the super-pricey positioning and it's great. A tiny tiny amount of cream is enough to hydrate all the face

  2. I'm 31, been living in LA for 7 years, and hot humid Texas and Georgia before that. I have no crows feet nor wrinkles but I've never used anti-aging anything. I think its more about good genes.

  3. Which of the two should I apply first?... my hubby bought the essence and cream for me from his SG trip. Thanks :)

  4. i have oily skin, do i still need the moisturizer after the serum? because i had a problem before that layerig products breaks me out. i use the whitening spot specialist now and the stempower moisturizer and thats too rich apparently after i stopped the moisturizer i stop breaking out.

  5. Wonderful news!! Although I've only been using SK-II since February, it has been nothing short of miraculous for me. I was diagnosed with Angioedema and Lupus at the time, and flare-ups have since become the norm. When those incidents happen, the only thing my face can endure is the SK-II Sheet Mask, the Pitera Essence and the Stempower Essence, all of which have literally healed the burn-esque post-flare-up skin, time and again. I look forward to being able to purchase this new revamped line in the US soon :)


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