Kpop Inspired "Crazy" Voluminous Curls Tutorial

I have been listening to and watching more Korean pop music videos ever since my sister introduced me to the song "Crazy" by 4Minute. I absolutely love Hyuna because she's such a great performer, but more importantly, I love her signature red lip! My sis and I decided to try emulating her makeup worn in the MV and finished the look with some natural, loose, and very carefree curls. Instead of using the Bodywaver or Whirl Trio, we decided to switch things up with hot rollers!

T3's Voluminous Hot Rollers are my favorite! I've tried lots of different sets over the years thanks to pageants (both while competing and getting others girls ready), but it's difficult to find rollers that are able to give both volume and long-lasting results. I have also noticed T3's cause fewer split ends thanks to the velvet flocking. I take very good care of my hair, but it has been significantly weakened from a lightening aka bleaching treatment so I try to take extra precautions when it comes to split ends. If you've ever struggled to use a curling iron or curling wand and if you have very fine hair, do try these phenomenal hot rollers from T3! The clips take a little practice, but if you find the right placement for your head shape and hair type, you will not see indentations.

My sister and I used the same rollers to style our hair, but because our haircuts are so different, the results do not look the same! These T3 Voluminous Rollers are intended for shoulder length to long hair, but longer hair like my sister's will create a more similar effect to a curling iron. My hair turned out bigger and softer than I had expected, but I love the blow out effect! Tag us in pictures of your results so we can see and like!!

Makeup Worn:
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  1. Totally gonna invest in some hot rollers! Can you please tell me where your sister gets her hair done? Love how her ombre turned out! Thanks Rae for all the great videos!


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