Fall Edit | Top 8 Lip Wardrobe Picks + Swatches

Though it does not feel quite like Fall just yet in Southern California, every season (or any reasonable excuse) calls for a new and revamped lip wardrobe. I like to cycle through my lipsticks and lip glosses as often as possible, alternating with colors and experimenting with new textures. So naturally, I wander through Nordstrom every few weeks and swatch my hands off in an attempt to discover the latest and greatest. Though I tend to shop quickly and efficiently, I love being able to take my time and enjoy the process there. Nordstrom also has available some exclusive shades — like Tom Ford Reckless — so keep an eye on the website! In this Fall edit, I will share some old stand-by favorites as well as some fresh releases that I have been patiently waiting to reveal. I hope this will ultimately inspire you to branch out and try something different this season! Check out all the individual details and swatches after the jump xo

Chanel's Rouge Allure is my favorite Chanel lipstick formula, and Excessive is my go-to red. Palpitante is a hint more pink, while Pimpante is a lovely natural peach. This formula glides on but stays put, make it ideal for long days at work or sweaty evenings on the dance floor. I also adore the sleek black and gold metal packaging.

Laura Mercier's Lip Glace is one of my favorite lip glosses. The formula does not irritate my sensitive lips, and it is the perfect balance of nourishing and glossy. Not everyone shares my preference for ultra lacquered finishes, so I've discovered the Lip Glace is a universally pleasing gloss. Bellini (shown below) is a perennial favorite, but try BonBon, Wildflower, and Tulip for bright and creamy color!

Giorgio Armani's Rouge Ecstasy in 103 Incognito (beige family) is a peach-toned fleshy nude. Of all the nude lipsticks in my collection, I wear 103 most often because it does not wash out my complexion. The formula strengthens and repairs the lips during wear, so this is one multi-tasking lipstick! Swatches on my lips and of all shades HERE.

Dior's Rouge Dior in Swan is my Holy Grail baby pink nude lipstick and can be paired with either a simple swipe of mascara or glittery smoky eyes. The pigmentation is easily buildable. The old school powdery scent and waxy texture have been eliminated to enhance and uplift the lightweight, satiny finish. Though Swan appears very similar to GA 103, Swan is far more pink and opaque.

YSL's Glossy Stain is the most memorable gloss and lipstick hybrid on the market. I do not often reach for this Violet Edition shade, but vampy lips are the hottest beauty trend this season. Though it can be difficult to push myself to try trends that do not necessarily flatter me, I have made it my mission to conquer the purple lip look this year!

Tom Ford's new Fall Lip Color, Negligee, is utter perfection. As soon as I uncapped it, I was immediately reminded me of the '90s. It scared me that the signature shade of the 1990s R&B era had made a comeback! Tom Ford always sweeps me off my feet, though, so it should come as no surprise that Negligee is the prettiest, sweetest rendition of '90s brown ever made.

Guerlain's reformulated and repackaged Kiss Kiss Lipstick in Rosy Boop is divine! I tend to veer away from My-Lips-But-Better shades since I find them predictable, but I love how smoothing this rosy pink-mauve is. The Guerlain Rouge G lipstick range generally has more opacity, but I think the semi-translucent Kiss Kiss range is best for everyday wear.

NARS' Audacious Lipstick in Juliette is my personal favorite. Every blogger and beauty addict has been raving about Raquel, which is a no-brainer nude, but I love the intensity and brightness of Juliette. It is a bold yet flattering coral with a luxuriously rich texture. If you're looking for a more subdued version with a similar vibe, try Julie!


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  1. So gorgeous!! I want them all D:

  2. This post is great! I wonder how does each lipstick transfer? I am now so concerned about lipsticks migrating on my teeth, especially for the deep and bright ones, which can be so awkward.


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