Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Colour SPF 15 Face Powder in 30 Review, Photos, Swatches, Comparisons

Chanel's Les Beiges powders ($57.50 each) launched one month ago in the United States, and I have been using mine diligently ever since. I can tell you now it was not love at first swatch as I had hoped, but this sheer face powder has slowly won me over. Check out the swatches and discover why I continue to reach for Les Beiges in 30 after the jump!

I first encountered a display during my quick trip up to San Francisco. I had already preordered the powder in 30 from Chanel.com after viewing promotional images, so I was disappointed to find that they felt a little chalky against my fingertips. Once I received my order, however, I discovered the powder applied quite smoothly on the face. There is no detectable powdery residue on the face even when layered, which is impressive especially since Les Beiges is intended to be sheer in color.

The beige and black packaging is slightly larger and has more weight than a standard Chanel powder. I personally love this style of packaging and hope that Chanel continues to produce more duo-toned compacts. The half moon brush that sits neatly on top of the powder is silky but so thin that it has no resistance whatsoever. In short, the brush is pretty but useless. 

After experimenting with many powder brushes, I have come to the conclusion that my favorite brushes to apply my Les Beiges in 30 with are my Bobbi Brown Bronzer Brush or Chanel's discontinued Powder Brush (gold ferrule). Since the powder is ultra fine and incredibly soft, I recommend using more dense and slightly stiffer bristles for improved color coverage. I like to sweep 30 gently all over the face in circular motions as I would with any setting powder and then apply extra on my cheekbones and forehead as I would a traditional bronzer. The effect is more subtle, a healthy "glow" as the literature suggests, since the powder is sheer. Some ladies around my coloring have been purchasing 40 and 50 to use strictly as bronzers, but I really do not need or want to collect more permanent bronzers.

Unless you have flawless skin and only require a barely-there veil of powder, Les Beiges is too sheer to be worn on a bare face. This is not a powder foundation by any means, so try Chanel's Double Perfection if medium coverage is desired. Les Beiges is most similar in texture and finish to the discontinued Poudre Douce, which I much prefer to Chanel's traditional loose powder. The Poudre Douce in Peche Tendre is noticeably more shimmery and not quite as soft or finely milled as the Les Beiges, but it sets liquid foundation well and can be packed on for light coverage. Unlike my Les Beiges powder in 30, however, the Peche Tendre is merely a setting powder so the color is more or less translucent.

The Les Beiges powder does not last long in humid weather (à la Miami), but on my normal skin in warm Southern California weather, a dusting of Les Beiges powers through the day and then some!

Shade 30 is indeed more shimmery than the rest of the Les Beiges lineup, boosting the "glow" factor. I do find this powder helps to liven up my complexion a bit, but it is does so as naturally as possible. I adore that the powder is slightly creamy so the microshimmers bind well, and the base of the color is golden —not orange. Shade 30 is not even as shimmery than the Giorgio Armani Summer 2013 bronzer (reviewed here), which is one of my favorites for when I am in the mood for the "glowing" effect as opposed to a sculpted effect.
NOTE: I will include a demonstration in my Chanel Fall 2013 Makeup Tutorial & Review, which will be uploaded to my YouTube channel within two weeks!

I can see why some folks are saying this powder failed to live up to their expectations. Chanel is advertising this as more than a standard powder, so some consumers are expecting a miracle in a compact. Les Beiges might not be capable of magic, but it is a lovely, versatile product. It is a setting powder that you can use as a sheer bronzer for a barely-there, sun-kissed effect. I might have had my doubts, but Les Beiges in 30 has earned its right as a staple in my makeup wardrobe.

You can purchase yours from Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus or Bloomingdale's.

Bottom Line: The Les Beiges Healthy Glow Powder is undoubtedly a winner in my book!


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  1. The healthy glow powder looks great <3 awesome post :)

  2. This was a very thoughtful review, Rae. I think that Les Beiges is one of the most misunderstood products to be released in a long time and consequently, women seem to love it or hate it depending on their understanding of how it is to be used. Is it a bronzer? A highlighter? A luminizer? An HD powder? A mineral foundation? A finishing powder? Just what the heck is it? LOL I personally find #10 to be a beautiful finishing powder that gives my skin a subtle "real skin" glow. I absolutely love the sheer delicacy of the powder and find myself reaching for it daily. For evening, though, I still prefer my Météorites because they are more light-diffusing and have a luminescence that is lovely in dim light.

    1. Your insights are always spot-on! It does photograph really well so it can be considered a HD powder, but I think most people are using this powder to set liquid foundation or as an ultra soft bronzer.. For sheer highlighting and soft-focus glows, nothing beats those Météorites! ;)

  3. While my skin is far from flawless, I don't wear foundation very much. I found, for me, at least the perfect routine. I use Chanel Bronze Universel lightly as a sheer base on my face and neck, using a bit more on the contour areas. After I put on my blush, I lightly dust Les Beiges #20 over my face and neck to blur and kind of blend the whole thing together. If I buff in Les Beiges, I find that I flake later on in the day. If I overdo it, it will emphasize my wrinkles later in the day as well. When it's done just right, though, it adds a 'J'ne sais quoi' quality to my face and makeup that pleases me whenever I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror.

  4. amazing review thx you Rae i m going to get this ;]


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