Le Metier de Beaute - My New Brand Obsession - Review, Part 1 Product List

In Order of Appearance - All available at Nordstrom.com & NeimanMarcus.com and all Neiman Marcus & select Nordstrom stores:
LMdB Single Eye Shadow in Sequoia, $30
LMdB Kaleidoscopes in Penelope [review], $95
LMdB Splendid Frost [tutorial/demo - no eyeshadow primer used], $95
*LMdB/Marchesa Lip Gloss Duo from Neiman Marcus - Gift with Purchase [GWP]
LMdB Lip Creme in Peche, $36
LMdB Eyebrow Pencil in Fawn, $36
LMdB Eyelash Curler, $18
LMdB Concealer Brush, $50
LMdB Nail Lacquer in Kontagious Koral, $18
LMdB Nordstrom Anniversary Rock 'N Romance Nail Lacquer Set, $25

If you haven't seen the review, check it out!

Wish List for LMdB Review, Part 2 - It's lengthy but I'm hoping to be able to collect them all in the next several months!
Sheer Brilliance' Lip Gloss, $32
Anamorphic Lash Mascara, $34
Flawless Face Kaleidoscope Kit, $95
Classic Flawless Foundation SPF 8, $68
Colour Core' Moisture Stain Lipstick, $32
Classic Flawless Finish Compact Powder, $48
Eyeshadow and Eye Crease Brushes, $40 and $45
Peau Vierge Anti Aging Complex' Tinted Treatment SPF 20, $125 [The star product of LMdB]

IMPORTANT NOTE: I will do my best to review the rest of the products here on my blog this weekend but I am holding off on posting swatches and photos because I don't have photoshop at the moment! Once I am able to edit and resize the photos properly, I will promptly post the reviews! The Penelope tutorial will be filmed this weekend so it should be edited and posted on my YT channel within a week. Thank you for your patience and thank you to Gaia [of The Non-Blonde] and Brooke [of Blushing Noir] for all your support! *I use a Sigma Large Flat shader brush to apply the Splendid Frost shadows to my lid! Browse Sigma brushes here: http://www.sigmabeauty.com/?Click=53495

LMdB Kontagious Koral - Neiman Marcus Exclusive
["Kollaboration" with Ken Downing, Fashion Director of Neiman Marcus]

Geo Tri-Color Grey from Pinky Paradise
*Use the code -- RAEVIEWONLINE --
for a free animal lens case & mystery gifts :)


  1. aw thanks for the shout out, love ;) Glad you love the brand as much as I do!!!

  2. Brooke - I love the brand almost as much as I adore you ;)

    Steph - Thank you! <3

  3. love! i need to try these <3 ps big fan of your youtube chanel!

  4. hi rachel! sorry if this is off topic, but do you wear contacts everyday? i have the same GEO tri-color greys, but i can't wear them for more than 4 hours or so because my eyes feel tired. I don't use eye drops though, do you recommend that I purchase some?

  5. Haute Pink - I'm glad you think so! <3

    Simpleist - Yes, I wear them almost daily and they're very comfortable. I do use protein-clearing eye drops, which helps a lot.. I forget the brand but you can find it at Target, which is where I purchased mine. It's a small bottle but it's on the larger side for eye drops!

  6. I am really enjoying the Nordstrom Anniversary Rock 'N Romance Nail Lacquer Set. And you have to try Peau Vierge Anti Aging Complex Tinted Treatment, I love using it instead of foundation in the summer time. Thanks for the post.

  7. The line makes some awesome products and I really like your vlog :) keep us updated with what you purchase in the future.

  8. Hey there Rae, are you still planning to do a LMdB Penelope tutorial? Pretty please? :)


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