Dallas Haul Product List!

Firstly, I apologize for not remembering what I was wearing on my face, other than the P&J cheek color in 03, shown in the video.

Next, Jenny's Hair was colored with Wella's Color Charm Cashmere Liquid Hair Color in 6NW Dark Natural Warm Blonde, available at Sally's Beauty Supply!

My haul:
Chanel Le Blanc Rouge Allure Lipsticks in 86 Desinvolte & 87 Joyeuse
L'Oreal Lineur Intense Brush-Tip Eye Liner
L'Oreal Telescopic Carbon Black Felt-Tip Eye Liner
Paul & Joe Creamy Cheek Powder
*Check out swatches here: http://www.thebeautylookbook.com/2010/02/paul-joe-creamy-cheek-powder.html
K-Palette 24-Hour Tattoo Waterproof Liner
*From the Saigon Mall, a shop next to I Love Boba [Or maybe it was called I Heart Boba? I can't quite recall, sorry!]
Sue Devitt Powder Brush from Macy's

Jenny's Haul:
Essence of Beauty Large Foundation Brush [$10 at CVS]
Hard Candy Boxed Powder in Fox in a Box
Illamasqua Powder Blusher in Katie
Sephora Professional Bronzer/Contour Brush
Jack Black Lipbalm Duo - Black Tea/Blackberry & Grapefruit/Ginger
TOMS in size 5 :)

My Lenses: Geo Tri-Color Grey from Pinky Paradise
*Use the code -- RAEVIEWONLINE --
for a free animal lens case & mystery gifts :)


  1. What website do we use for the contacts? :o

  2. aah i love you rae your video's are always useful, not just 15 mins of crud :) + jennys adorbalee

  3. Hey Rae!
    The boba place you're referring to is probably Tapioca House, right next to the little Asian shop! That's so cool that you came to Dallas. I live right around that area and I love love love Northpark. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed your stay!

  4. I was in Ulta the other day and noticed they had a small Sue Devitt section.

  5. You're Pretty - As stated, they're from Pinky Paradise!

    Anon - That's very sweet! I'm glad you think so :) Thank you!

    Anon - Northpark was pretty darn awesome! The shopping in Dallas was impressive, to say the least :)

    Anon - Yes, apparently they do! Thank you :)

  6. Northpark mall in Dallas, TX.. my favorite mall!<3
    Sad I didn't happen to run into you guys. )=

  7. Rae can you please make a video of how to use Wella"s liquid hairdye??? This is my first time hearing of liquid hairdye so I'm a little nervous to try :S. Thanks!!!!

  8. When you dyed Jenny's hair, did you use anything else besides the hair dye? Because I'm really interested to dye my hair that color, but in the picture on sally's website looks really light.

  9. Anon - You purchase the dye and mix it with a developer, usually a cream. It's very simple and you can ask a sales associate at Sally's for help!

    Anon - I used a bleaching kit by Ion Color Brilliance Crème Lightener first. And it's not too light in person but it just depends on what you're looking for!

  10. What number developer did you use?

  11. do you remember how much you paid for the k-palette eyeliner in that store?

  12. Anon - 20

    Ashdotcom - I believe $20, including tax!


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