January Favorites Product List

All products worn are listed in the description box!

Products in Order of Appearance

Nail Polish:
Dior Vernis - Gris Montaigne
Chanel Vernis - Riva
Essie - True Love and Pink Glove Service

Face & Eyes:
Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation - Tawny
Make Up Forever Face and Body Foundation - Alabaster Beige
Make Up Forever HD Concealer - Golden Beige
By Terry Hyaluronic Eye Primer - 002
NARS Pro-Prime Eyeshadow Base
NARS Corfu
Make Up Forever Aqua Cream - 15

Bobbi Brown Lip Color - Salmon
Revlon Superlustrous Gloss - Peach Petal
Lancome L'Absolu Rouge - Rich Cashmere
Guerlain Kiss Kiss Gloss - 835

Neutrogena Redness Solutions Oil-Free Acne Wash

If you haven't seen the video, here it is!


  1. Just watched the video, i love how informative you are.xoxo

  2. I love your new hair & contacts!

  3. Rae I know you said you like your old hair style better, but I absolutely adore your new style ^__^ your black hair looks so good with this style. thanks for the detailed/informative review as always :)

  4. how do you wear chanel splash with the cle de peau shadow? it looks very lovely.

  5. Great video! I have 3 full sized versions of the guerlain lip gloss that you received a sample of - it's a wonderful color!

    I am also thinking of purchasing the EL Double Wear foundation, but I too was not too pleased with how it looked on its own. I think I will try it the way you mentioned in the video and mix it with my NARS Sheer Glow!


  6. hey rae! i know that this doesn't related to anything in this video but i was wondering what kinda style did you inform the stylist to do on your hair? bc i absolutely loved the layers, and the thinness and most of all the bangs of it!!!

  7. Thank you for the compliments and insights, ladies!

    Anon 1 - I will film a tutorial for Splash + Cle de Peau soon. I wore them in this video!

    Anon 2 - My stylist and I agreed on long layers with slightly shorter bangs. I let him have most of the creative control, though!

  8. Love love looooove your hair and makeup in this video!

    I think I'll be investing in the By Terry Hyaluronic Eye Primer now! Thnx ^_^ xx

  9. It'd be nice if you can do a foundation routine and a tutorial for the look you wear in the video , you look absolutely stunning . Im glad that you start to make videos again . ^^v

  10. Hi Rae, I'm looking for a peach lipstick which is not red in anyway, last long and opaque. :) I'm thinking of Bobbi Brown Guava or Cabo Coral, compare with Salmon, which one do you think is the best? :D

  11. Kico - I've never seen Guava or Cabo in person but I have seen the Cabo Coral Pot Rouge, which is rather bright! Cabo is more like Salmon and Salmon is not red at all :)

  12. Thank you so much for the review video! You look gorgeous! (As usual) >__< =)

  13. Hey Rae,

    I am looking to get my first primer and was wondering whether you could review a list of primers that you own, and perhaps recommend a couple? Thanks :)

  14. I love reading your blogs and watching your videos. You always give really important information! Your make up, by the way, was very pretty in this video!

  15. hi Rae =)
    i was wondering whats your hg under eye concealer? should i get the MUFE hd concealer or the Dior Sculpt concealer? I wanted to try both since you've been using Dior sculpt in most of your vids but MUFE hd concealer made it to your favourite vid (>,<)' plz let me know which one u prefer its a bit $$$ so i can't buy both =(

  16. Gate - Stick to the Dior Sculpt! It's a creamy, full-coverage, easy to blend concealer. The MUFE HD is good but not GREAT, like the Dior!

  17. Could you please give us the link to your favourite blog of this insider ? :D

  18. Anon - www.britishbeautyblogger.com

  19. Rae, what is the Chanel eyeshadow you are wearing in this video? I can't make out what you are saying and I can't find it on your website. It looks beautiful and would love to try it. Thank you!


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