Guerlain Spring 2011 Collection Review, Photos, Swatches

This is my first "large" Guerlain purchase, as I generally buy Guerlain pieces one-at-a-time. I generally stay away from this line because it's quite costly but I've been buying more and more from the brand. I couldn't resist this collection!

This is my first Rouge G. It's a medium rose-pink on my mauve-tinged lips. The color is sheer and lovely but the shimmers are a bit gritty. Other Rouge Gs I have swatched in the past are not so gritty so it may be this particular color's issue. I still like it, regardless! The casing is indeed heavy but not as heavy as I expected. It's a good weight but the magnetic closure is rather weak. I don't find the angle of the mirror that helpful in applying the lipstick but it's better than having no mirror at all!
The Blush G, of course, is phenomenal! This is the item everyone is scrambling to find and I can see why. I can't believe how lovely it is! I only swatched individual colors but when I post a tutorial using this blusher, I will swirl all four shades together. I suggest you use a stippling/skunk brush for application. It's pigmented enough and has a slightly golden sheer. If you can still find it, purchase it right away!
This Soupir eye shadow is now one of my favorites browns. And believe me, I own tons of 'em so this is special. The iridescent shimmers sparkle delicately, not garishly, on my lids. It is smooth and lasts 8 hours, even without a primer! Plus, this eyeshadow is ENORMOUS. It holds nearly double or more than my standard eyeshadow singles so the price of $36 wasn't too daunting considering I will use this for ages. The other colors, the grey and white shimmers, did not swatch well so I wasn't impressed enough with them to take them home with me. The grey was admittedly a bit better than the white, though!

Guerlain Rouge G Serie Noire in Rose Desir 71

Blush G Serie Noire

Guerlain Ombré Éclat 1 Shade Single Eyeshadow in Soupir e187

Swatches: Rose Desir, Individual Blush Strip Swatches, Single Shadow Swatches [Soupir 187, Ondee 186 - grey, Etreinte - white 143]

I hope you enjoyed the swatches.

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  1. Thanks for this post, i really enjoyed the swatches. I love Guerlain and want that collection so bad hah.

  2. I picked up the Blush G today! it's so pretty.. I don't want to put a brush in it! haha, thanks for the swatches... I don't want to swatch my own, LOL!

  3. thank you for the swatches <3 i am loving the Blush G Serie Noire! :D


  4. love the combination of colors on the blush && the eye shadow is such a pretty shade of brown ~

  5. great swatches/pictures rae <3

  6. Vvn - It pained me to swatch it, believe me! LOL

    Thanks for the lovely comments, ladies! <3

  7. Thank you for the swatches! I absolutely need that Guerlain blush in my collection! I love how the symbol is embossed into the powder.


  8. My gah that Guerlain lippie packaging is too cute! I want it!

  9. The blush looks absolutely lovely! Is it terrible to admit that I have no idea how to wear blush? When I put it on my cheeks I look like some sort of doll. >__<

  10. Ooo I'm quite taken by the Soupir 187 looks like a good smokey/crease colour :O and the white looks pretty pigmented has it been layered much?

    I'm interested in Guerlain products because of the super classy packaging but I don't know if I should invest in any of the products so these reviews are really helpful, thanks Rae! :)

  11. Unfortunately for me, the blush was too orange on my skin and way too shimmery. I'm not sure if there is a slight overspray on the surface but I was immediately turned off :(. I did however, make up for it by purchasing another Rouge G!

  12. Memosne - If you place the blush right on the apply of the cheek, it will give you that doll effect :) You can apply blush to the hollows or the tops of your cheeks instead!

    Rinni - The white is awful. LOL I had to layer it a dozen times. Only the Soupir was pigmented enough for my taste. I know Temptalia.com's review says they're pigmented but not quite so, in my opinion, at least. Only 187 is worth the $36 :)

    Julie - Which Rouge Gs did you end up purchasing??

  13. Orange Euphorique was the first one I purchased, it's a great coral for the summer! I went back and purchased Rose Desir after watching your vid! It's a little lighter on my lips, but it's very pretty. YAY for enablers! LOL!

  14. Thank you Rae! You're very sweet ^__^

  15. hi rae, i super love your guerlain lipstick.. btw, is it really worth splurging on high end lippies or just stick with drug store lippies esp. if its an everyday lipstick?


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