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In case you missed the announcement, I launched my very own jewelry collection with my friends at Motif! There are a total of six pieces, each designed with love, care, and thoughtfulness. Since most of you have probably caught teasers on social media, I wanted to share the photos that I shot with my talented friend Sharon here.

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I reviewed all the jewelry in the video below for those of you who wanted to see them in action! Some of you have asked about the sizing of my double-sided Beverly studs, and they are significantly oversized. You can get a better idea of the sizing in the photo where you see me wearing the smaller Ardmore earrings. The cubes measure 1/2 an inch on each side and feel quite comfortable considering their large size and build.

The pre-stacked ring sold out faster than I could have expected, but we still have plenty of the sliding necklace and statement earrings left! They are the priciest pieces in my collection, so do take advantage of our pre-order stage to score 10% OFF.  Order now using the Motif app!

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