Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Eau de Parfum Review, Photos

I never knew about the importance of deodorant or perfume as I was growing up. My grandmother was skin care obsessed, but she was never interested in fragrance so I never had those quintessential childhood memories of raiding a perfume tray. Since I also have a weak sense of smell due to my poor health growing up, I discovered that reviewing fragrances was more challenging. Working in beauty, however, made me realize the power of scent.

The right fragrance can uplift your mood, enhance your confidence, and complete a great outfit. Now, I enjoy strong and traditionally "masculine" scents, but I choose my fragrances carefully because I always consider my company and surroundings. This can make it difficult to find a universally pleasing Eau de Parfum. YSL's new bright and playful release, Black Opium, is everything I've been waiting for!

The packaging of Black Opium is what first caught my eye because I adore the subtly textured black glass packaging. The black glass bottle is covered in glitter and glazed to give it a soft lacquered look. I love how the silver glitter catches the light and reflects blue depending upon the lighting! Black Opium is available exclusively at Sephora in three different sizes. I was fortunate enough to attend the Sephora x YSL launch party in New York earlier this month and got to meet the epitome of rocker chic, Edie Campbell, the face of the fragrance.

Yves Saint Laurent claims that "black is not a color, but an attitude - fascinating yet seductively intoxicating." Black Opium was intended to be a modern, young, and vibrant interpretation of addiction, and I believe it delivers on every front. I have tested the original Opium, which is a spicy Oriental. It's quite strong and dramatic so one spritz lasts for an entire day. Black Opium feels much more light and youthful, girly. A good comparison is a mother and daughter relationship. Even if you generally do not enjoy fruity or floral scents, I highly recommend you give Black Opium a try. Random women and men have stopped me to ask what I'm wearing, and that is the mark of a truly worthwhile product!

Black Opium is the versatile day/night fragrance I have always searched for but could never find. It is bold without being overwhelming, so it can be worn during the day depending on personality. The vanilla base is present without feeling sugary or artificial while the coffee accord and cedar wood provide balance. Overall feel of the scent is a soft and sweet floral. The dry down is a hint more musky, which I really appreciate because it keeps this scent from feeling juvenile. Black Opium is a sophisticated, all-year round fragrance! Even after 5 hours on my dry skin, I can catch whiffs of the perfume. I'm addicted, and you'll probably be, too!

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  1. I love the packaging, thanks for sharing!

  2. Wonderful read! Can you do a review/what's in my bag of your new Saint Laurent purse?

  3. Great fragrance review! On a side note, do you treat/protect your SDJ? I'm hesitant to get light colored SDJ because I've had terrible color transfer on a light colored bottega. Any tip on caring for light colored leather? Thanks!

    1. It's not treated or protected! Basically, I only wear it with clothes in colors/fabrics that I know will not transfer! That's the key to caring for light colored leather. Also take it to the cobbler for regular cleaning and polishing. Store in the provided dust bag whenever it's not in use!


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