Tom Ford Lips&Boys Review, Photos, Swatches, and Comparisons

Tom Ford's Lips&Boys Lipsticks finally hit stores last month, and they have been selling like hot cakes! I have ten of the 50 "mini" color collection ($32 USD each) to share with you, and they are all individually unique and beautiful. These Lips&Boys boast 0.07 grams of product while the full-sized Lip Colors contain 1.0 grams. The quality is impressive and the colors are highly pigmented as expected. Check out the swatches after the jump!

I was surprised to see how tiny the boxes were, but I think most of the difference in bulk is due to the packaging. Personally, I have fallen in love with these mini lipsticks since the initial investment is not quite as shocking, and they fit more easily into a smaller handbag or clutch.

Here is a clearer depiction of the sizes. To the left is Tom Ford's Asia exclusive full-sized Lip Color called Forbidden Pink. I purchased it in Singapore last year but have yet to swatch because (laugh at me if you will) I can't bear to. As you can see, it has significantly larger packaging, but the lipstick's bullet is not exponentially larger or longer — just wider — than the Lips&Boys mini version to the right.

Beau was my first pick because namely, my dog's name is Beau. I chose Luca next because Tom Ford had not previously done a tangerine-peach. Unfortunately, it is a little too pale for me to wear on its own. Luca, however, is perfectly balanced when layered over Henry! I like to swipe on Luca over a bit of lip balm, dab on a hint of Henry with a clean fingertip, and use a lip brush to add more Luca to the mix.

There are nearly a dozen repromotes in the range, so you may want to avoid these:
• BEAU is a repromote of BLUSH NUDE
• HOLDEN is a repromote of VANILLA SUEDE
• HENRY is a repromote of WARM SABLE
• ADDISON is a repromote of PINK DUSK
• JAMES is a repromote of TWIST of FATE
• RICHARD is a repromote of NEGLIGEE
• COOPER is a repromote of PURE PINK
• ALEJANDRO is a repromote of SLANDER
• XAVIER is a repromote of VIOLET FATAL
• CARY is a repromote of CASABLANCA
• DIDIER is a repromote of MOROCCAN ROUGE

I ended up with 3 of the repromotes but only one of which I already own! I love having a duplicate of Blush Nude/Beau because I can now travel lighter. And since I did not own Henry/Warm Sable or Xavier/Violet Fatale before, I was excited to try them on without the commitment of a full-size splurge. Turns out, I especially love Violet Fatale! It is, however, a bold lip. You'll see it in an upcoming video very soon, and I will update this post with the link once it goes live.

Many of you have been waiting patiently for this review, so I decided to go back and shop my stash for more comparisons with permanent colors. Stavros is completely new to my collection, so I cannot offer any similar shades. Patrick, however, immediately reminded me of a mix between Sweet Spot and Paradiso. At first glance in the bullet, Flynn looks like Spanish Pink, but Flynn is a significantly lighter, more hydrating version of Pink Tease. Owning all three is totally justifiable, by the way.. they just all happen to part of the pink family.

NOTE: I cannot confirm confidently as I do not own these Lips&Boys, but John looks like Incorrigible while Raphael reminds me of Flame. Olivier, Pablo, Rory, and Kyril are some of the more rare and exceptional shades.

You can barely tell that these are "mini" when they are lined up like this! Peter reminds me of In the Buff (click for swatches), but without the rose gold overtones. Peter is far cooler and reads more white, which explains the glare below in the swatches. Despite its intense metallic finish, Peter has quickly become my most worn of the 10, and it looks incredibly chic when paired a classic smoky eye.
Xavier aka Violet Fatale appears to be a deep purple (above center), but it actually reads far more magenta when swatched and on my lips! Lesson: don't judge a book by its cover. If you love this shade, invest in the full-size because it looks lovely as a gentle stain, which is more appropriate for work.

Almost all the shades are rich and creamy, truly consistent with the full-size Lip Colors! Xavier, Patrick, and Julian are exceptionally smooth and saturated. Xavier and Patrick have the most luster, so they do not require gloss to finish. Flynn and Beau are ultra creamy and pigmented, no shimmer whatsoever. Flynn looks neutral in swatches, but it wears cool against my yellow-toned skin. Peter is a bare nude with reflective silver bits, and Henry wears fairly true to the color you see in the swatches. I did not expect to love Peter, but I'm so glad it does not wash out my complexion! I find that Henry is more of 90s R&B brown, a little too retro for my taste.

Luca is one of the sheerest of the ten featured here with a high shimmer content. Layer on top of other oranges or peaches for best results! Stavros also has a high shimmer fact and has become the most interesting lipstick in my entire collection. The pigmentation is semi-transparent, light to medium coverage. It is a little too edgy for me to wear alone, but it adds darkness and depth to any lip color. I highly recommend pairing Stavros with reds and purples, even dark pinks. Alasdhair was the sheerest of the bunch, which is similar to Black Dahlia Matte Lip Color (click for swatches) in application. If a multi-dimensional vampy violet is your style, you absolutely need to try layering Stavros and Alasdhair!

These Lips&Boys colors are still available at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdale's, and Saks Fifth Avenue. Each department store has different stock, so check all the sites to see if they have the shades you're looking for!

Bottom Line: All 50 colors are worth your while, so snatch them up while you still can!
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  1. These are gorgeous! I wish I could've gotten my hands on some :(!

  2. I want few thank you for sharing beautiful discription Rae of all the colors!☺️


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