Chanel Spring 2011 Review, Photos, Swatches

Products Used in Tutorial:
Chanel Pro Lumiere - 20
MUFE Duo Mat Powder - 202
Cargo Blu_ray Powder - 30
Anastasia Brow Wiz - Medium Ash
By Terry Eye Primer - 002
Chanel Ombres Perlees de Chanel - Eyeshadow Quint
Ardell Lashes - 81
Lancome Artliner - Black
Lancome Defincils Waterproof - Black
Chanel Joues Constraste - Espiegle
Chanel Rouge Double Intensite- Cristal Rose

Nail Color: Black Pearl

If you haven't seen the tutorial, here it is!

Haul Photos and Swatches

Ombres Perlees de Chanel:

Espiegle Joues Contraste:

Swatches, from left to right:
Peregrina Rouge Coco [too orange for my taste] and Cristal Rose Double Intensite
Espiegle Joues Contraste and Ombre Perlees Quint

Chanel Black Pearl 513
Chanel Pearl Drop 511
Chanel Peche Nacree 515

The photos do not show the differences between Essie's Show Me the Ring and Pearl Drop but Essie's polish is rather sheer and glittery. Pearl Drop is much richer in pigmentation and looks good with two coats, though you can see a bit of streaking. Overall, Show Me the Ring is close enough to make do but it is NOT a dupe.
Black Pearl is rather unique but it is all up to personal preference. I assume the color hasn't sold out simply because it's not as eye-catching a color as Jade or even Particuliere.
Peche Nacree.. how I wanted to LOVE this so. The formula is the most lacking of the three. It requires the most maintenance, at 3 or 4 coats, and it streaks rather easily. It's not a nightmare but this should not be your first Chanel Vernis or you will be disappointed. Lovely frosted peach, though!

The quint is a must-have for everyone and the blusher is pretty but it's permanent! You can wait and save up for it :) The shadow palette, though, is truly a high-quality piece that is worth every penny. These powder shadows are nearly creamy, so easily buildable and ultimately flattering.
I forgot to take photos of the Cristal Rose but it looks very, very similar to Constellation Glossimer, so close that I do indeed consider it a dupe!

If you have any further questions, feel free to leave them in the comments!


  1. I have black pearl and I love it. I really like Peche Nacree but since you mentioned it was lacking in quality from the other two.. makes me iffy about it. So beautiful though! I love your reviews Rae :)

  2. I bought the quint and I agree it is a must have. :)

  3. loving the quint!!! i want it !!!!
    stupid make up ban >< grrrrr

    black pearl && pearl drop are gorgeous =D

  4. Thank you for the swatches, very helpfull.

  5. The Black Pearl is my ultimate favorite color. It looks so rich and luxurious. I think that every girl should own at least one Chanel product. They are the ultimate when it comes to beauty.


  6. The pearl drop looks gorgeous, just like you described!


  7. What camera did you use to take the pictures? Do you use the same cam to record?

    I just love the quality of your pictures!

  8. I'm gonna get the Quint for sure!! I've always wanted to get it and you even made me wanna have it so badly :'(

  9. OMG... I love the Pearl Drop Nail polish!.. !#$$#@#!! Gotta start saving up now :P

  10. This is a little off topic, but I was wondering if your wear foundation everyday? In the above video, your skin looks great!

  11. Thank you for all the lovely comments, everyone!

    Anon 1 - I use a Canon :)

    Anon 2 - Yes, I try to!

  12. You are lovely!
    I was wondering which foundation you would reccommend to oily/teenagery skin - Mat or Pro Lumière (or any other foundation that's not Chanel)?

  13. hi there,
    i love your videos and opinions on products, but i was wondering about the cargo blu ray powder.... if you were to get just one setting powder- chanel matte or the cargo blu ray?

  14. I'm loving that pink polish, Quint colors, and the first blush!
    I love your tattoo but I am wondering if you ever regret getting it? I hope this is not too personal, i'm just curious and am thinking of getting a tattoo myself. :)

  15. I looked above and I dont see "quint"? is that blush? Am I missing something?

  16. Anon - The Chanel because the Cargo shades are incredibly limited!

    Amanda - I regret not getting it done in white ink but I have never once felt regret about the tattoo itself!

    Anon - The quint is labeled as "eyeshadow quint" =) Quint: 5 and Quad: 4.

  17. The quint is absolutely lovely. LOVELY. It has all the colors that I need, and your tutorial was so simple and chic....want. =___= However I doubt I can poney up the $65(?) dollars for it. I'm going out of the country soon...do you think it'll be cheaper in duty free? =/

  18. Memosne - It's hard to say! I want to tell you that duty-free will have it in stock but they don't always carry/stock the most recent collections. It's worth a look, though :)

  19. Rae :(
    I finally bought Chanel Rouge Coco in Chintz and it made my lips peel like crazy.. T^T and I loved the color on me so much too .. sigh.. do you have any other recommendation?? I really wanted a lip stick I could use everyday.. T^T boo hoo

  20. Hey RaeView, I just subscribed to your YouTube channel and your Blog, not because of the prizes you are giving out but because you give really great tutorials. They are very informative and give me great insight on what to look for and what not to purchase. thank you. If I do win, it would be a blessing. if not, i can watch more of your great videos. have a great day!!! :-)

  21. i'm really glad i picked up the quint, it is indeed amazing.

    i was wondering if you can list some lancome products that you love. they're having a GWP promotion going on and I'd love to try some products. since you're a lancome fan, i'd really appreciate your input =) which products do you love and which ones would you suggest we stay away from? thanks!!

    i wanted to post it on your yt channel but i couldnt find the comments section.. i guess you took it down because it was getting spammed too much..

  22. MJ - Try slathering a balm underneath! Another lipstick you could use everyday would be Giorgio Armani's Rouge D'Armani pink lipsticks. You can find swatches online and they are very moisturizing!!

    MackMomma - Thank you so much for such a considerate comment! Good luck :)

    AZ - My favorites: Absolu Rouge in Rich Cashmere, Teint Miracle Foundation, the new 5-Eyeshadow Pans in Amethyst and Taupe,and finally.. their new Spring Nail Polishes are to DIE for! I love them :)
    Stay away from their Ombre Magnetique potted shadows unless you want a high-maintenance product :)

    Silvia - Thank you so much!

  23. i was actually going to pick up the dual finish compact but it seems liek you're raving about the teint miracle.. hmm the only foundation i use is nars sheer glow but it gets oily on my tzone after a few hours. what do you like about teint miracle? or the dual finish compact? i also wanted to check out the pure focus toner you talked about in one of your videos.

    thanks so much for answering. i know it's very time consuming and i just want you to know that the effort you put in is not lost on us. i know there are a lot of negativism associated with being on youtube and having a blog but please look at the positive and continue to do this. =) some people do really appreciate it.

  24. AZ - I love how natural Teint Miracle looks. It blends in beautifully and the color range is very wide so you will be able to find a color that suits you. I use Dual Finish over a heavier moisturizer on days I don't have time to bother with liquid foundation and setting powder. Also, Teint Miracle is not as luminous as Sheer Glow so it's better for oily skin than is SG! The Pure Focus toner is a God-send but only if you have very oily skin or if you want a super matte finish. I only use it during the summer season, as I have normal/combination skin, but my best friend [oily and acne-prone] uses it all year round :)

    And yes, I do realize that some people really do appreciate my dedication! Thank you for taking the time to tell me so <3

  25. it'd be nice if you can do a comparison of some of the top foundations =) i know you've done nars sheer glow, chanel, laura mercier silk creme, etc. (Should i just save the money and get a chanel foundation instead of the teint miracle?) it's been a while since you started using them. i guess a comparison across various brands would be nice.

    i really like your reviews because you mention little details that other reviews tend to ignore. i guess it also helps that i'm almost the same color and same skin type.

    and this is the last message lol, promise!

  26. Nice tutorial...i think it's really kind of you taking some time to post the tutorial swatches even when you're busy. Do you recommend the Nakkar glossimer? It looked really pretty to me in the store

  27. I love the Channel eyeshadow palette!! Thanks so much for sharing it. :) The closeup photos are really helpful.

    Please check out my blog if you have the chance! I only have one posting about Birchbox, and you should really check out the company. I really am in love with them. I'm waiting for my February package to arrive!

  28. Hi Rae, love your blog! I wanted to ask whether you've had a chance to try the new coco rouge shine yet? Can't decide if I should wait until March when all the shades come in. Also, would you be able to let me know a quick basic comparison and rundown of your opinions on the four lines (aqualumiere, coco rouge, hydrabase and rouge allure)? Biggest distinctions, how well they wear, stay...etc?

  29. Hi Rae,
    i'm a big fan of your reviews and tutorials and since i trust your pertinent critics of the products that you buy, i wanted to ask you what would you chose between chanel joues contrast and diorblush? I'm looking for a blush that would just light up my face even in my worst days.

  30. I love channel! I entered your contest, and followed your blog!

  31. Hi Rae, what is the difference between dior diorskin nude natural glow and dior diorskin forever extreme? ( I see you using these often). Also can you recommend a good eyeliner.

    I appreciate your dedication to your fans. -LB

  32. Hi Rae! Just wondering, what do you do with products you don't like? Like Peregrina, which you said is too orange for your taste. Do you have a makeupalley account where you would be willing to swap for it? Just asking because it is a product I would love to have but just can't afford at the moment.

  33. Hi Rae,
    Love this tutorial video and blog and bought my very first Chanel makeup on Friday! Quick question, I bought the rouge coco in peregrina, and Chanel's loose powder. There were no pamphlets inside their respective boxes...is this common for Chanel? Just want to make sure it is authentic as I bought from an independent (but large) store.

  34. Gisele - Nakkar is lovely but I try not to buy Glossimers that are similar to ones I already own or if they are similar to any of the YSL Golden Glosses I own. Nakkar is similar to my Jupiter Glossimer and is the sheerer version of one of my Limited Edition Golden Glosses :) If you don't have anything similar, go for it!

    Liz - My favorite formula is the Rouge Allure because it is lightweight and long-wearing but the shades are too dark for my taste. I love their reds, though! I love the Rouge Cocos because the formula is semi-matte, lasts 4 hours, and the colors suit me best. Aqualumieres are nice but they only last two hours on my lips. They will be discontinued this year. Hydrabase has long been discontinued :)

    Lilija - I love Dior eyeshadow quints but I am not a fan of their blushers. Chanel Joues Contraste all the way!

    LB - Dior Nude is a luminous, creamy foundation and Forever is a heavier coverage, long-wearing satin foundation. I prefer Forever because I work long hours and spend most of my days at school!

    Grace - I give them away to the women in my family :) I don't swap, unfortunately!

    Anon - All my Chanel cosmetics have pamphlets included so you may have a reason to be concerned. It is possible they could have purchased returned [but in new condition] stock from a department store. You could call the store's customer service to inquire!

  35. I just found your Blog through Pixiwoo's blogpost on the New York Times Net effect article..Thank god for the New York times :) I love your videos,such detail and from the heart posting your blog is my new addiction.
    Oooh also I recently purchased ombres de perlees it was love at first swatch but am finding that sadly it doesn't give the same effect on my eyes as it does on the arm swatch :( Im giving it a few more shots until I review it though, Im hoping my eyelids are just having an 'off' week or something :) hehe
    Love Nat xxx

  36. OMG that pink blush is GORGEOUS! I love my Chanel Prolumiere & Vitalumiere! I'll have to go by when my counter gets the new blush.

  37. Hi rae!! Could you recommend some chanel le vernis because we have the same skintone.

    Thanks :)


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