Chanel Fall 2010 Thoughts & Tutorial Product List

Chanel's Fall Collection was released at least a month or two ago but I hadn't the opportunity to post the tutorial until now. I hope it isn't too late for you to purchase any of the items if you decide you want a few after watching the tutorial! Personally, I think the must-haves are Paradoxal Nail Varnish, Chintz Rouge Coco, and Taupe Gris Ombre Essentielle. The Enigma Quad is a hit or miss, depending on your preference for glittery eyeshadows. I liked the Pink Explosion blush [mostly because of the Euro baked pan and plush packaging] but I didn't fall in love with the color. Lancome's French Coquettes Collection is my favorite fall collection but Chanel's is a close runner-up.

Products Used:
Chanel Teint Innocence in Gentle Ivory
Chanel Poudre Douce in Peche Tendre
Anastasia Brow Wiz in Medium Ash
MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre
Chanel Eyeshadow Quad in Enigma
Chanel Single Eyeshadow in Taupe Gris
Chanel Ombre D'eau in Cascade [Shimmery White liquid shadow]
Darkness Lashes in XOS
Chanel Joues Contraste in Pink Explosion
Chanel Glossimer in Venus

Watch the Tutorial to see the Products in Action!


  1. love it! i'm glad your back. i was having withdrawal from your videos =) and the Lancome Fall collection is amazing! i especially love their campaign pictures. you have good taste, haha

  2. Great video! I love hearing about Chanel.

  3. is taupe gris similar to mac's copperplate?

  4. Mimi - Taupe Gris is not like MAC's Copperplate at all!

  5. wow your eyes are so gorgeous in this tutorial. I was so happy to see your postings once again! are you still studying for the sat (?) I totally respect that you are focusing on your school and definitely a personal life but will you have time for your fans too? ;] but yes, you look gorgeous in this tutorial!-tiff r

  6. Anon - Thank you! And yes, I make time for my subscribers :) I do my best to answer as many comments and questions as possible!

  7. Maybe your the best person to ask, have you ever tried the Dior Airflash? I bought and I love it but with that said, I'm a bit iffy bout the fact that I have no idea how much foundation is actually inside in comparison to the other products that allocate for the actual airbrushing as I obviously can't see what's inside. It's bout 65 dollars here in Canada and with that I could've easily bought a MUFE foundation and lipstick. Do you know of something just as good but a tad bit cheaper. Any assistance would be very much appreciated. Have a great day.

  8. First of all, I want to say that I really love your channel! Please keep it up :) im always looking forward to your new video.

    Secondly, I actually wanted to ask you something not Chanel tutorial related. I have an oily skin (but very dehydrated) and it tends to peel very quickly. Do know you a product you can recommend me? I use a scrub 2/3 times a week but it still doesnt give me the result I want.

    (I also have no idea why my skin is the way it is right now. It has always been oily and dehydrated but I never had to scrub this much.)

  9. I love your tattoo. Does it have any special meaning behind it?

  10. Love Always - I like Dior Airflash but I don't love it. I actually like to apply MUFE HD first and set with the Airflash :) I know it's expensive but it helps the MUFE HD stay put all night! I can't say how long it will last because I haven't finished a bottle yet.. I rarely ever use it.

    Joanne - Thank you! First, the scrub may be exacerbating the peeling. Try using the scrub a maximum of twice a week and use an extra-hydrating creme at night. It doesn't matter what you use as long as it treats dehydrated skin. I personally use Decleor's Ylang Ylang Night Balm, meant for combination - oil skin!

    ljloves - Yes, it holds significance. I am an Ethnic Studies and Political Science double major and I learned much about the symbolism behind my ink's design, the sankofa, in my first ES major class that I took in university :)

  11. i really love the jeans you showcased in your video. sadly, i was unable to attend. could you tell me your favorite wash from sevens? i am planning on ordering a pair of jeans from the website.

  12. I just got Taupe Grise from Nordstrom and I love love love it!! Thanks for doing the video!

  13. I cannot wait to purchase the fluid eyeshadow! It looks absolutely beautiful in the inner corner : ) lovely makeup and tutorial!

  14. Hey Rae,

    I just got into your videos last week and managed to watch all of them and absolutey love your insight on all the new and up and coming makeup products :)

    I was just wondering what was the best under eye concealer you have come aross. I noticed in your tutorials you use Bobbi Brown and I have been using her corrector/concealer combo for the last month and found that it does do wonders for under eye darkness, however, it tends to crease throughout the day even with powder touch ups.

    I just wanted to know your thoughts and suggestions.

    Thank you so much for dedicating your time for your fans.

    I wish you all the best!!!


    --- Misheru

  15. Hi Rae,

    Thanks for your tutorials, love it, you've enlightened me in the make-up world!
    i love your contacts, was wondering if you could tell me where you got them? i wear prescription ones, would love to amp it up.

  16. Anon- I have a blog post for it! With Purchase links :) You can look it up under search ^_~

  17. Hi,Rae, Love the video! By the way, could you tell me where I can buy darkness eyelashes?

  18. Misheru - I'm sorry for the delay in my response to you! I have been very busy and I am only now catching up with comments. My favorite under-eye concealers are Dior's Radiance pen for light circles and Dior's Sculpt for dark circles and heavier coverage.

    Anon - I have a few posts regarding my lenses. I purchase them either from Pinkyparadise or E-circlelens!

    Anon - You can find Darkness lashes at most Korean beauty boutiques!

  19. Hi Rae, thanks for the beautiful tutorial :-)
    I recently tried out a sample of Chanel's Teint Innocence liquid foundation and I have to say I love it!! But to my disappointment they will be discontinuing it by the end of this year... so I was wondering whether I should buy it or wait for the new replacement.. Also after watching this tutorial, I'm also interested in buying the compact version! What to do?! I have a combination of dry skin with an oily T-zone and I'm looking for a natural coverage which will even out my skin tone and cover my acne scars..
    If you have the time please give me your view and advice! Thank you!! :-)

  20. Hi Rae! thank you for your high quality reviews. :) i just want to know which camera do you use for your vids? i hope you'll have a facebook fan page soon.


  21. do you by any chance know if the dueba angel ex brown that ur wearing is the same size as the barbie king size brown?? please answer thank you! anddddd could u post more videos about the lenses? thanks!

  22. rae, how do you always afford all these gorgeous make up??? you're so lucky!

    i absolutely adore you and your tips!

  23. Annie: Not lucky - just work hard and pinch my pennies :) Thank you!


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