This topic is one of my most requested and I apologize it has taken me so long to address it. But before I get started, let me tell you right now that plastic surgery is a sensitive topic for some. And if you are here to criticize, not to support, the community that has requested to read about my experience with blepharoplasty, then I suggest you leave immediately. I am sharing my experience because I know I can be a valuable resource to those who are interested in the procedure.

Furthermore, I want to make it clear that I’ve only had blepharoplasty done. I’ve been blessed with my grandfather’s large, high-bridged nose [and his heavy monolid eyes], which he gets from his mother. I will post a photo of my grandparents as “proof” later tonight, which I know some self-absorbed, entitled folks will inevitably demand. Generally, I would not [and will not] fulfill such requests but my grandparents are beautiful and highly intelligent people so I will take up this opportunity to show them. [Unfortunately, my grandmother requests that I do not post the picture. Maybe one day!]

Plastic surgery can change lives for the better, as long as you use caution! It’s all about MODERATION. I wish I had a larger cup size, more chiseled cheeks, a plump top lip… Who the heck doesn't? But the only cosmetic procedure I have ever considered is blepharoplasty. And no, I don’t have pictures of my eyes pre-op or post-op. I never thought to take pictures of the healing process at the time.

Now, be prepared. This is a long entry!

I wanted to have the surgery after my high school graduation, which is when most girls tend to have the surgery done. My grandmother, however, threw a fit and said that I had my grandfather’s eyes [and his nose] and refused to allow me to have the surgery done. So for one year, I saved up the funds to have the surgery done, $2200. But in that one year, the surgery went up to $2700. I, however, had received a quote earlier that year for $2200, so my doctor decided to charge me $2400 instead. Many may find that to be quite high number for blepharoplasty but believe me, you do not want any issues with your eyes post-op. My aunt, who went to a reputable Korean surgeon in LA, had to re-operate on one of her eyes.
Moral of the story: you get what you pay for. Don’t take risks with your eyes! Furthermore, I do not believe it is worth the funds to visit Korea or Japan to have your eyes done. I’ve seen more shoddy results than not from those overseas trips. Save the plane ticket money and visit a talented, reputable surgeon here in CA.

Check out my doctor, Peter Newen, here: His website!

Back to the story, though. Let’s see… It was the end of my freshman year in college. I spoke to my grandmother about it one more time and instead of disagreeing, she offered to help me with the few hundred I was short. We went to see my surgeon together and I scheduled my appointment for two weeks later. I was jumping up and down with joy. My grandmother, bless her dear soul, cried.

On that hot June summer day, I stepped into the waiting room and was escorted by a very friendly, gentle nurse. I went to the bathroom, took off all my clothes and donned a white gown as well as those funny-looking shoe-cover booties, which are like hairnets for your shoes. This was when I started to get a bit nervous. Why? Because I am deathly afraid of needles. I never even get flu shots because I’m so paranoid. But the nurse was incredibly skilled and I barely felt the needle puncture my skin. Then I waited patiently for 15 minutes, sitting next to my IV, before I was escorted into the Operating Room. The next thing I knew, I was looking up at the bright lights and I could hear my doctor’s voice in the background saying, “Rae, I am injecting Happy Juice into your IV. You won’t be asleep but you’ll feel very relaxed and happy.” Hence, Happy Juice! To this day, I’m not quite sure what Happy Juice is but that liquid is AMAZING, a GOD-SEND. I numbly recall feeling the local anesthesia, one shot per eye, as well as the first suture and the thread pull through, but it was not painful at all. And the rest of the surgery? I did not feel a single thing. I could hear a bit of chatter between my surgeon and his nurses but I didn’t even bother trying to listen to their conversation because I was in such a blissful state of mind. My doctor asked me repeatedly if I was awake to keep me from falling asleep. Periodically, he requested that I look up, to the right, and to the left to ensure that the sutures were aligned. I remember smiling the entire length of the operation LOL The procedure lasted approximately 40 minutes. That’s a long time to be smiling, don’t you think? My poor chipmunk cheeks were crying out in pain, but my brain refused to acknowledge it.

After I was wheeled out of the OR, I was helped into a wheelchair and driven home. Yes, I was still smiling. Once I had enough energy to get my numb body off the couch, I went to the bathroom and took a good look at myself. I surveyed my eyes first. They were massively swollen and blood was beginning to coagulate around the sutures. It sounds awful but it really wasn’t bad. I was expected a bloody mess, which was my aunt’s experience. The blood was very, very minimal – just at the sutures. My doctor told me the bleeding would stop after a couple days, which it did. He told me the swelling would take about a month but I healed extraordinarily quickly, in just two weeks! I can’t guarantee everyone will have the same experience with the swelling that I did, though. You know what they say, “Hope for sunshine, prepare for rain!” It really just depends on your skin sensitivity and other natural factors that we can’t control.

And if any of you are curious, my eyes are naturally uneven, as is 99% of the world's. My left eye is bigger than my right, and when I asked my doctor to correct this curse, he refused. Why? Because the muscles behind your eyes should not be altered during surgery. It could cause complications later on and more importantly, your surgery may not turn out well. In short, it’s not worth the risk. Another component I think should address is that I requested medium-sized lids. Avoid too-subtle, tiny lids. They will just get swallowed up as you age. Oh, the joys of gravity!

My doctor, one of the most reputable surgeons here in Southern California, recommends that patients be at least 18 at the time of the procedure. Why? Because your face is still growing and changing. I’ve seen girls who had the procedure done when they were too young and now, their sutured lids stop before their eyes naturally end. Any doctor who says otherwise is trying to take your money and not considering your well-being. So when is the best time to get the surgery? The summer before you head off to college. You can always have it done later, too.

Now, why did I want the surgery? I consider that one of those silly questions because the answer is so simple. I wanted larger eyes. Even if I did tell you that I had a legitimate medical reason, detractors would rip it apart so I'd rather leave the matter up to speculation and allow them to make whatever judgments they like. For those of you asking how I dealt with the negative feedback I received in real life.. my mother told me, "They're just jealous because you could afford it and they can't." And I hate to be in the position where I have to be frank about it, but she was right. I wish I could tell you otherwise, but many of the girls who did say petty things about my procedure were the ones who wanted it [secretly or otherwise] but could not afford it. So if you're scared people will judge you, just ignore them and live your own life, doing what you want to do! I know is easier said than done, but it's an experience that will toughen you up for the real world.

I’ll conclude with this: I wish I were 5’9 and model thin instead of being 5’1 and “pleasantly plump.” I wish I could dance like Beyonce and sing like Feist. I also wish I could lay naked in a bed of Tahitian pearls, tanning all day long with an Appletini in my hand and of course, not have to work. [That’s a show of my sarcastic ability, if any of you didn’t pick that up ;)]
The point is, everyone, we all want what we can’t have. Work with what you’ve got, whether that be your resources or your natural face, and do what makes you happy. And if you still have a problem with my surgery, maybe it's because you haven't encountered the real world yet because being narrowly-minded and immature about plastic surgery is a thing of the past. Let's just all do what makes us happy. And to keep things in perspective, some women spend more on transforming themselves into blondes every few months than people like me spend on one surgery that usually lasts a lifetime. Who's to say that one is not more 'true' to themselves than another? It is easy to judge and criticize when you're behind the glass wall but no one has the right to determine what being 'true' to yourself is. Be confident in your decisions and I repeat, do what makes you happy. If you don't know what that entails, you will find the answer one day.

Wishing you all the best,


  1. Hey Rae, this was a very inspiring entry, and the honesty was definitely a breath of fresh air with so many girls making excuses or beating around the bush. I have been considering the surgery as well because I have a double eyelid on one eye and not the other. I think it looks odd and obvious in pictures. I just don't think I can get the surgery on a single eye however =/

    It would be nice to find a happy medium between a visible but natural size crease. I guess I could go with the exact one that I have only on my right eye (My mom has the same kind of crease, so I'm thinking I inherited this from my mom and the monolid on my left eye from my dad! =P I'm pretty sure codominance genetics don't work that way, but I'd like to think so)

    Question: Is your twin going to get the surgery too?

  2. Catherine, I'm glad you found it useful! I don't see the need to lie about having procedures done. Blepharoplasty changed my life - I can now wear and absolutely adore mascara! And don't be discouraged, you CAN have the surgery done on just one eye ^^ True, a happy medium is hard to find but that's a reflection of life, isn't it?

    And my twin would like to have the surgery done but it won't be in the near future.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing Rachel. I really enjoyed reading this! I am glad the procedure turned out well for you!!! Can't wait to see pictures of your beautiful twin and grandpa too :)

    I have uneven eyelids too, hahaha, oh well. I mean it's hard to see but when I don't sleep enough and my eyes are puffier, oh boy, my right eye would be obviously bigger than my left :T Makes makeup hard too!

  4. Hi Rae.I didn't know you had surgery but the first thing about your videos I notice are your eyes, they are beautiful! I can't wait for the monolid series, Unlike you, my right eye's lid is slightly bigger and my left eye is sometimes hooded.. it's so unattractive. I like that you are very honest and true!

  5. Lulu: No problem! I still have the issue of swelling, too. I just drink a gallon water =) On those days, I won't bother with eye make-up hehe

    D: It's a good thing if you don't notice! And thank you very much ^^ I understand that it makes make-up more complicated but don't lose faith - keep experimenting!

  6. Hey Rae :) Thanks so much for posting this entry. You are so honest and give such great advice. Feel alot better about this procedure after reading your first hand experience. I hope that one day I am able to do this as well.

    Just a question, after the surgery, would you have to re-do this surgery in future? Like when you're much older, do you have to have another surgery to "re-do" it because of wrinkles, etc.

  7. Chloe: You're very welcome! I hope that when you are able to have the operation done, you will have a wonderful experience =) And I take excellent care of my skin so I'm hoping I'll never have to go under the knife again. Who knows for sure, though? I may need an eye lift when I'm 60 or so but I wouldn't have to re-do the blepharoplasty, no ^^

  8. Thanks so much for this post! One of my cousins (cousin A) has wanted to get her eyes done for years and I always supported her even before I "found out" about a year ago that the procedure has become widely accepted as okay (I remember buying her first double eyelid glue). I have a feeling A isn't going to get it done in LA though, and instead fly straight to Korea for it. Wherever and whenever she chooses to get it done, I'm going rally her on because if thats what it takes for her to feel totally comfortable in her skin, than I'm going to support it. It's not like she's doing something really harmful to herself anyways. And like you, she has a high-bridged nose. It's so high!

    And while A has always been jealous of my eyes, I was always jealous of her high nose bridge. My brother and I were both blessed with my mom's very prominent double eyelids, but unlike my brother who also inherited my dad's and his father's high nose bridge, I got something in between my parent's. So while its not that high, its not that low either. I know this has nothing to do with blepharoplasty, but I hope you don't mind. Seeing my brother, father, and a little cousin(B) everyday makes me self-conscious of my nose and I won't lie and say that I have never considered getting something done, because I have. I think about it almost every time I put on my makeup. I told cousin A about it and she told me we should find a way to share, lol.

    One last thing is that I COMPLETELY agree with you and your doctor about the 18+ thing. Even besides the fact that it most likely wouldn't look attractive when you grow older, there's also the real possibility that eyelid creases change naturally as you grow up. My brother was a monolid on one eye until he was in his preteens and one day we noticed that both his eyes were double eyelids and its stayed that way since. Also, when I was a baby my creases were really prominent, but as a young child up until I was around 15/16 years old it was much smaller though still there. Then in my junior year of high school, my eye creases kept changing constantly from almost monolid to the way it is now. It was highly uncomfortable. And now at 18 it still reverts to the way it was before every month or so and I use tape for about an hour in the morning to fix that :)

    So sorry for the long post! I'm glad that your surgery was successful and worth every penny!

  9. Hi Rae! wow thank you for sharing your experience and being very open and public about it. Your eyes turned out so natural looking and so pretty! I would LOVE to get mine done except I'm scared it won't turn out "nice". My parents both have double eyelids and are against me having surgery :( It's great that you had your aunt and grandmother to support you :) were your parents against you getting surgery? btw I love your videos! keep them coming!

  10. Good read on a first-hand experience. Now if the rest of the world could grasp that Asians don't get more procedures done per capita in relation to everyone else.

    And if they could also understand that these procedures are a way to help boost self-image and to get desired features that aren't inherent to a specific race. I think the greatest misunderstanding the rest of the world has when Asians get cosmetic surgery, that it means they're "trying to be white."

  11. super informative and thorough entry as always. Love you Rae, hope you don't stop blogging/youtube-ing anytime soon.

  12. Just out of curiosity, what made you go to Dr. Peter Newen?

  13. This was a very good and informative post.
    Thank you for sharing this with us.

  14. Thank you for your honesty and in posting your experience. Although I do have monolids, I never really thought of having this surgery, but never looked down on anyone who wanted it. I think its everyone's right to do what they want with their bodies and it is definitely a personal choice.

  15. Thank you for this great post. While I do not plan to go under the knife anytime soon, I appreciate your honesty and I agree that we have a right to make ourselves happy. I am glad that you inform your readers to consider surgery after turning 18 years old and I am also happy that you emphasize on the importance of moderation.

    Your surgery turned out really well! Your eyelids look very natural.

    I just started reading your blog and watching your videos recently. I look forward to your future posts!

  16. Thanks for sharing about your experience. If I were to get any kind of surgery, it would most probably be this. My eyes are known for being small and it's quite a challenge to keep my eyelashes curled or wear makeup in general.

    If and when it's the right time and I find a doctor I can trust (hard part is me being on the east coast where I don't think this surgery is very common).



  17. So informative!! I have considered this procedure a lot.. but I always just spend the money on more makeup, lol! xD I love your eyes!!! And your sarcasm for that matter. <3

  18. Hey Rae,

    Even though I am European and absolutly don't need bigger eyes, thank you for this entry. You exemplained your experience and your opinion on that matter very honestly and I am sure it will be helpful for others.

    I don't approve esthetic surgery but I didn't consider how much of a difference it can make for people like us who love makeup. Now, I kinda see the point. And Asian girls are not the only ones concerned, a few white people have very heavy lids your know, and I guess blepharoplasty could really brighten up their faces as well.

    Anyway, can I have your point of view on beauty in general? You said a lot of thing about what you would to be etc... like everyone I suppose.
    Because, from a European white girl's point of view (me), double lids and very slanted eyes can be extremely exotic and appealing. Same thing for low-bridged noses and other typical asian features. And I consider being small and "plump" super cute <3
    So I was wondering... do you Asian girls actually think the same about us European?
    I mean... do you actually think some of our features are more attrative than yours?
    I know that whenever you Asians colored your hair, use contact lenses or having surgery on your eyes, you automaticly get some bitching about the fact that you want to turn white... which I know is not the case.
    But really, I would like to have your and any other Asian girls' opinions here.
    To put simply, your physical (yes, physical!) beauty criterias. Just to compare with mine, you know.

    Oh and by the way... there is actually a picture of you before surgery on the Internet... when you were a Beauty Queen of some sort? Since you used your full name on some of your videos, I could look up on Google Image and I found you ;)

    Sorry for the super long entry.

  19. u are so sweet to share ur experience. Like u mentioned, it is a sensitive issue but a review like urs can be really handy to other people who want to have the surgery. My sister had the surgery in LA and I remember the day after she had the surgery. U reaaally have to be prepared for those swollen eyes. I was so shocked and my sister was horrified cuase we really didn't expect that but now shes got beautiful eyes and satisfied. hehe. lol at how you were jumping up and down at your grandmas approval but she cried..

  20. Ahhh! So many comments!! I'm overwhelmed O.o

    Pauline: Your comment was a wonderful read. I hope your cousin's surgery turns out well! And I understand your sentiments because that's how my twin feels! Her bridge isn't as high as mine but she's come to appreciate it. And personally, I think people with smaller noses are lucky because their nostrils are smaller than mine ;) hehe And if only sharing were possible! I'd love to steal my sister's slim physique but alas, I relish my gluttonous habits far too much to give them up ^^
    Jacinta: I see no reason to hide it and I know my viewers appreciate it when I can discuss matters like that with them freely. My father was definitely against it at first but I've always been the type to do what I want ;) And parents usually refuse to allow their children to go under the knife unless it's for medical purposes so I'm not surprised. But in the end, be bold and do what makes you feel beautiful <3
    D: I should have addressed those issues in the post but as it turns out, another blog viewer left me an interesting comment that touches on the same issues you mention. I've decided to write an entry that further discusses how I feel about what you brought up so check back for my response later this week ;)
    Anon 1: Dr. Newen is one of the most reputable plastic surgeons in Southern California and he is famous for how natural his procedures turn out. His staff is friendly and he is a very patient, understanding doctor. The facility is also impeccably well-kept ^^
    Ji: That's very, very kind of you! If I have the support of viewers like you, I most definitely will not stop =)
    Anon 2: You're very welcome!
    Cleung: Indeed! Our faces and bodies are canvases and we should all be able to explore and experiment as we wish =)
    Tiptoe: Thank you for leaving such a considerate comment ^^ I don't want to discourage younger girls from looking into the procedure but I do feel they should wait. I really appreciate your support and encouragement!
    Shimmering: I'm sure that when the time for it comes, you'll be fine. Best of luck!
    Fuz: I totally understand the make-up part LOL Thank you for appreciating my sense of humor. I try not avoid being sarcastic in my YT videos, as someone is bound to pick a fight, but I feel that sarcasm makes my posts a bit more interesting to read hehe I'll be posting my haul video later tonight so you can see those TF Lipsticks in action if you have time to watch ^^
    Pammie: You know, I think you bring up several worthy blog entry post topics. Instead of answering here, I'm going to write out an entry so that everyone can read it. I'll try to post my response tomorrow or later this week so check back soon! ^^

  21. ssuigeneris@youtubeTue Jun 08, 06:06:00 PM PDT

    I am so happy that you wrote this, Rae! High school graduation is coming up at the end of this month, and then I am flying to Shanghai to get this procedure done. I just have a couple of questions:

    1) Before your surgery, when you had the consultation, how exactly did you choose what eye shape you wanted to get? Is there a way they can show you what you will look like with this or that shape? It just seems kind of scary picking how your eyes will be cut up and sutured without knowing what the final product should end up looking like.

    2) So it was 2 weeks of regretfulness? I remember in your PM you said you hated the way they looked immediately after surgery. Is it a month that it takes to look good? Seems short.

    Thank you again.

  22. OMGOSH thank you so much for this Rae! I know you said you would write a post about this on blogtv so I kept checking back, lol

    I'm so excited for your monolid series. Watching tutorial after tutorial is pretty much useless to me because of my monolid eyes. "fill in the crease" blah blah, i'm like, "I have no crease!" lol

    so whenever I try to incorporate color, it always comes off really trashy looking.

    I'm scared to death about having the surgery though. Was it painful afterwards? you mentioned some bleeding but I'm assuming you were on pain meds?

    OH and you mentioned something on blogtv about the eyelid tape??!?!?!? Do you know when you're going to write a blog entry about that? Because I've been using that for a month or 2 now and I feel like my eyelids are stretched out =( But i had double eyelids for a while without them so I got addicted. But somehow the double eyelids went away and now I just have this line on the middle of my eyelid.... =(

    Please let me know! & Thank you for this blog entry! It really helped a LOT!

  23. Hi Rachel! Thanks for replying to my comment :) I hope if my cousin gets it done in Korea that she'll bring me with her since I've never been there before! And I wonder how your twin became comfortable with her nose? Right now I'm trying to remind myself that my nose isn't bad and I should appreciate that, but I still get a little jealous :)

    Your nostrils aren't big at all, lol! I just finished watching your Jumpin' June haul and your nose fits your face really well, it's not big at all and its not so small that it looks odd. hehe. And yea, I'd like to steal someone else's slim physique as well! But right now I've been swimming at least 4x a week so hopefully one day I won't need to want to share, lol.

  24. Hey Rae,
    My mom has been looking into this for awhile but seeing how young you are how old did u wait before you got your surgery? I'm considering getting it done with my mother.

  25. hey rachel,

    thanks so much for this post. i've recently gotten the double eyelid surgery done too and one of my eyes is bigger than the other too! which is rather annoying but i'm trying to live with. seeing your videos (yay to more korean gurus on yt) and all that is a joy. i'm so happy that you feel confident enough to write your story for us to read and telling us other wishes. makes us all realize that everyone is always thinking the grass is greener. ps i have chipmunk cheekies too. lol

  26. hello,

    you're really pretty! :) did you choose to have the crease fairly deep and high? it doesn't look very natural to be honest. but it still suits you well.

  27. I've been wanting to have fat removed from my upper and lower lips/under eye ever since I could remember. It makes me very self conscious and I find myself squinting in a certain way when I'm out and about so that my huge under eye bags kinda flatten out. I wish I could have just look and smile and not have noticeably huge eye bags. I think you've inspired me to get this procedure done. I just need to gain the courage and money now. Courage being the bigger issue. I am deathly intolerant of pain.

  28. hi, thanks for sharing the story..but to be honest, your eyes did look like you had surgery done (maybe it takes time to heal properly)。。your crease was fairly deep and high, did you choose to have it higher than "naturally"??
    you're very pretty nontheless

  29. How long did it take to fully recover from the surgery and for all the swelling to go down?

  30. Rae! Thank you so much for "walking" us through the procedure. I'm 16 years old and Im also Korean. I have a very weak half crease and been thinking about looking into also getting the procedure done when I go off to college.
    It was great to know what would go on if I were to go through with the procedure! I've never had any kind of surgical operation done so that was one thing that I was unsure about.
    Thanks for being so brave about this because some people are very insecure about this~
    By the way, I read about how some of your viewers were complaining about your circle lens video sounding "commercialized" but I think all your videos are thorough and easy to understand! Great Work!

  31. Hi Rae,

    I don't often read beauty blogs because they are inundated for the most part with too much vanity and not enough honesty.

    Your blog is very well-written and an absolute joy to read. The amazing assertiveness and intelligence with which you convey yourself makes you a very special person in the beauty community.

    I'm glad that you could write this post for all of us. It takes such a brave person to be able to come forward with these confessions. Many of us are so insecure with ourselves and I'm just so glad that you can set a great example for other girls by being honest and true to yourself.

    In any case, that was a long rant of not much substance; this blog post really got to me (I'm usually a lurker! :P)

  32. i enjoyed your entry for the most part and i liked ur honest, but i am confused on one thing at the end

    "The point is, everyone, we all want what we can’t have. Work with what you’ve got and do what makes you HAPPY."

    soo....we should work with monolids bc thats what I got, and i would put make up to make me happy?

    or should i NOT work with what i got and get surgery bc that makes me happier?

  33. Thanks for your post about your experience! I had the procedure as well but I think my doctor was completely incompetent, because not only did both eyes unravel, but I could feel every stitch/pull/cut during the surgery. I had not realized it was supposed to be completely painless. How many surgeons did you visit for a consultation before settling on Dr. Newen?

  34. Pal: By that last bit, I meant that none of us are all born the way we want to look. We have to make sacrifices [money, surgery, etc.] to present ourselves in a manner that we find most attractive. Hence, work with that you were born with! If you want surgery, go for it and if you'd rather not, then don't! The choice is yours but just know the options are always there.

    And Rachel: I'm so sorry to hear that you felt your doctor was incompetent. And yes, my operation was smooth and COMPLETELY painless. Dr. Newen is the only surgeon I visited. I spoke on the phone to several other consultants but none were as professional and direct as Dr. Newen's consultants.

    Everyone else: I will respond to your comments ASAP. I have been flooded and it is hard to keep track! Thank you for your patience ^^

  35. hey RAE! thank you for posting it upp, means a lot
    however I still have a few questions, and i read through the first couple of comments to see if they had asked the same question as me but it was too long to see if you had already answered it. So how long did it take for you to go out after you got it or how long did you wait until you went outside in public? & how was it just after the surgery, like the healing process..what did you do when you were healing, were you able to take showers regularly & stuff?

  36. Completely agree with you. I think surgery is perfectly fine if your aim is still to look like yourself but better! It's just similar to why we use make-up and wear certain clothing in the first place, to mask or enhance certain parts. All these things just have to be done thoughtfully and tastefully, of course.

    I had my nose done before college. I didn't want a perfectly sculpted tip or a sky-high bridge, just a nose that appeared in pictures whenever flash was used. My parents were perfectly open to it since many of my older cousins already had the procedure (those who inherited the comically large and flat nose of my grandfather). Plus, my uncle was a plastic surgeon and he did the procedures in the family for free.

    My operation experience was similar to yours, one painless hour yielded satisfying results. When the swelling died down it started to look and feel more comfortable and natural on my face and it was the best thing I've ever had done for beauty next to getting braces!

    A little change can really go a long way.

  37. @PammieBrux

    "So I was wondering... do you Asian girls actually think the same about us European? I mean... do you actually think some of our features are more attrative than yours? I know that whenever you Asians colored your hair, use contact lenses or having surgery on your eyes, you automaticly get some bitching about the fact that you want to turn white... which I know is not the case. But really, I would like to have your and any other Asian girls' opinions here."

    - I come from a country where most people are naturally tan and whitening products are insanely popular but many westerners think that's odd. On the other hand, many Caucasians bask under the sun to get a tan (though some just turn red) and we think they're kind of funny. You guys are exotic for us, we're exotic for you.

    - Honestly, there are Caucasian features that I really admire like height (this one I absolutely envy!), more shapely boobs and large colored eyes but it doesn't mean I want to be white. There are Asian features that I think are gorgeous as well like dark shiny hair, delicate skin, almond eyes, full lips. There's something beautiful about all kinds of people but we perceive beauty differently.

  38. Wow thank you for sharing! You are a talented writer and describe everything in great detail. You made me giggle with the "happy juice" I feel as though I am shot with happy juice 90% of the day and I smile from ear to ear a lot, for no reason--LOL! I think you are beautiful no matter what. Your skin is amazing and your face is perfection!

  39. love, love, love your honesty!
    it's always comforting to hear stories like these before any kind of procedure. makes one feel more at ease :]

    i was wondering if you specifically asked Dr. Newen to shape the crease, forming a rounder eye shape or were your eyes naturally round already?
    i find your eye shape incredibly cute!

  40. it's interesting to read about someone's eyelid surgery in the states. i had my eyelid surgery 9 years ago in korea, and i must say i'm jealous of your experience! i wasn't put to sleep and was awake for the ENTIRE procedure, which only took about 20 minutes. i guess plastic surgeons in korea do eyelid surgeries so often that it's almost as if they can do them in their sleep. as i said, i was awake for the whole procedure and i felt all of the pain when i got the local anesthesia by needle, and i felt all of the pulling and tugging when the doctor was stitching me up...my eyelids were numb but i could still feel the tugging. the anesthesia wore off only 20 minutes after the surgery so it was very painful too...but worth it in the end.

    for those people, who are thinking about getting the eyelid surgery...if it's going to make you happier, why not do it? i personally was sick and tired of putting on so much eyeliner everyday to the point where my eyeliner looked like eyeshadow because it was so thick. u all know what i'm talking about right? :)

    anyway, i enjoy watching your videos! not everyone on youtube is as articulate as u.

  41. I stumbled upon your YouTube channel randomly and the first thing I noticed about you was your eyes and how similar they were to my own. Okay, I know that sounds odd but I'll explain.

    Although I enjoy watching YouTube makeup tutorials, I find it difficult to adapt the makeup looks to myself because my eyes are quite different from the makeup gurus, even the Asian ones =). So I really enjoyed watching your videos because it gave me a lot of ideas about what would look good on my eyes.

    However, as I watched your videos I couldn't help wonder whether or not you've had eye surgery done or not. I mean, not that it doesn't look natural on you, I'm not trying to offend you... this will make sense in a second. So I became so curious that I clicked the link for your blog, which I had never been on before. And as I scrolled down, I read this post. And I thought to myself, 'I knew it!'. The reason why is because I had eyelid surgery about a month less than a year now and my eye surgery results turned out frighteningly similar to your eyes. Very similar. I know that sounds weird because no two people have the same eyes but it really is surprisingly similar; with or without makeup. I wanted to get the surgery after high school too but ended up getting it before my last year of university. I heard some people took up to 3 months to heal but my eyes looked great after just one week and completely healed in 2 weeks too (Even though I actually had mine done in Korea... but fortunate for me, it turned out great - emphasis added on 'fortunate' because it wasn't until after the surgery that I heard stories about having to get it re-done and other worse horror stories). The only regret I had after the surgery was that I didn't specify clearly enough on the "type" of crease I wanted. I kind of wanted the crease to be small because I didn't want it to be such a dramatic change. However, I ended up having a medium-sized round crease, exactly similar to yours, as a I have already mentioned numerous times =). It was quite a different shape, especially from those whom I know had the surgery as well. But I am happy with the results nevertheless.

    Anyways, it was just so refreshing to read this post because you were so honest and I knew exactly how you felt. I remember people telling me they had the surgery because they were tired of their eyelashes poking their eyes or because they were afraid their eyes would sag more, etc. etc... It's just great to hear someone else admit they got the surgery to have bigger eyes and not make silly excuses (not to say that some people don't get it for other reasons but you know what I mean). Anyways, I apologize for writing such a long post, I tried keeping it as short as possible. I just couldn't help it. Well, thank you for posting this. I really enjoy your videos and look forward to viewing some more eye makeup tutorials =)

  42. Hey, I did it too... To tighten my sagging lids. No regrets!

  43. just wondering, do you know what blepharoplasty is called in korean?
    i think its very respectable that you have the guts to admit to getting surgery and posting your experience. most people are too self consious to do so, but anyways your post was very helpful.
    just one thing though, you spent 2400 dollars.. that i feel like that is too much. maybe its because its america??? but from all the eyelid surgery experiences i've read about, yours was the most expensive for just one procedure. the rest that i've read about were all under 2000 dollars... yea just to put that out there.

  44. Thank you Rae for sharing your experience.. i like it so much! LOL

  45. Hi Rae,

    First off I'd like to say that I have utmost respect for you for posting about your experience. I've been a long time subscriber to your videos and have always loved how articulate you are, the way you handle criticism, how you are always true to yourself and honest to your viewers.

    Of course, the point of this comment is not simply to express respect or gratitude, so I will get right to the point. I have monolids and have hated my eyes since the beginning of time. Of course I acknowledge that monolids are gorgeous on some people - unfortunately for me, I do not belong in that category. Because of this I've been tediously applying eyelid tape every day. It's gotten to a point where I can't stand it when people point out the obvious tape line, but at the same time I cannot let myself out the door without the tape (and eyeliner to "hide" the tape). Its extremity has gotten to a point where I shy away from activities which include water or last overnight. I'm simply sick of this eyelid tape stuff!

    I've been hoping to be the lucky few to magically develop beautiful double eyelids after applying the tape daily - again, that didn't happen.

    I never thought of blepharoplasty until a friend of mine brought it up through its popularity amongst Korean celebrities (though its common amongst others as well; its just the medium which she brought it up in). I've always been undecided about whether to do it or not because I'm deathly pain intolerant and financially lacking. After reading your post and witnessing the results through your (amazing) videos, I've come to the conclusion to commit to the procedure.

    However, even though my preference is to ask Dr. Newen for his expertise, I live in Canada and with my already shortage of funds its pretty disappointing that his office is in Southern California. How did you go about searching for a good surgeon? Are there any pointers or tips I should keep in mind while searching for one?

    After writing you this ridiculously long comment (Sorry about that! I hope it's not a bore to read), I'd just like to say, simply, thank you. Thank you for your posts, your honesty, your videos, your effort to reply to everyone's comments (which is probably an extremely hectic task) - I hope to hear from you too.

  46. Abby - I apologize for taking so long to get back to you. First, I wanted to thank you for all the lovely compliments! I really appreciate it when articulate subscribers like you leave me comments.

    Anyway, I understand what you mean when you say that you do not feel beautiful with monolids. I've been there, too! Eyelid tape destroyed my lids and I hope you will find the courage to kick the habit of using it daily. The tape encourages uneven cell growth so my lids are still not smooth, to this very day! And I have a high tolerance for pain but believe me, the operation was painless. Dr. Newen made sure I was comfortable every step of the way. The greatest burden is the financial commitment. If you truly want it, do whatever it takes to see him! Once of my subscribers already followed through with the procedure after reading my blog post, and guess what? She was from Canada, too!

    I didn't have to search for Dr. Newen because my Aunt had seen his handiwork before. I trusted her verdict enough to take a blind leap. But if you truly cannot make it down to Southern California, I suggest you read reviews online and consult several surgeons before settling. Make sure you examine their portfolios thoroughly and request before-and-after photos, not just pictures of the final results. Don't be afraid to probe the surgeon's methods! Ask as many questions as possible because once the operation is complete, there is no turning back :)

    I wish I could be more of help but I truly do wish you the best of luck.. Feel free to leave me any further questions!

  47. Gracie: It's called "ssang-ka-poohl" surgery. I wish I could type it out in Korean for you but I don't know how to type in Korean! Also, 2400 is not too high :) My surgeon charges a separate operating room fee and the "happy juice" is an extra charge at other clinics. Dr. Newen just happens to include it in the fee of the surgery because it's relaxing for the patients! Plus, I've seen too many botched blepharoplasty jobs to save a few hundred bucks. I wanted to get it right in one shot!

  48. Mdm Catherine - Congratulations! I'm glad to hear you have no regrets ;)

    Jane Kim - I was able to go outside without sunglasses after two weeks. My eyes were still swollen but it wasn't that noticeable. I didn't wear make-up until the end of the third week after the surgery, though.

    April and MeanJean - Your comments were too kind. Thank you for being so supportive and sweet!

    Ssui - I hope your surgery went well! I didn't choose the shape of my lids, just how deep I wanted them :) And yes, after a month, the swelling reduced and my eyes looked normal!

    Y.K. - Thank you for sharing your experience with me! What a relief your surgery turned out well.. and how funny it is that our eyes turned out the same! It is indeed rare but never say never, right?

    Sam - Dr. Newen refused to change my eye shape, as he said there would be complications as I age. The muscles behind your eye shouldn't be tampered with excessively. I still had the Sailor Moon eye effect even before my surgery. It's just that my eyes are bigger now! ^^

    Anonymous - Eyelid tape will only damage your lids further! Try to stop using it if at all possible!!

  49. Rae!

    I've been watching your videos for a very long time because I love how professionally you present yourself and I truthfully think you are one of the prettiest asian makeup gurus on youtube! :) Not even joking. I usually stick to watching videos and not reading blogs because I find reading things make me waste even more time since I can go completely back to articles from like 5 years ago. lol

    I just happened to click your blog link because a topic prob caught my eye and I stumbled on this! I think your eyes look so natural I never would have guessed! I live in socal but in a city populated with MANY Asians and I actually have so many Chinese and Korean friends who actually naturally have eyes like yours or even bigger (I grew up with them since we were in elementary so I know. SO jealous). I'm in the complete same situation as "Abby" who left a comment and I'm absolutely sick of it also since you can't go in the water and makeup takes FOREVER and you feel so self conscious. This is a procedure I've been looking into for years but always ended up chickening out because of the pain/risk/criticism from people. I read this article and it made me take the first step. I've read so many blogs/forums and I think this is the most well-written blog. I actually have a consultation with Dr. Newen next Tuesday. It's not even the actual surgery and yet I'm so nervous/scared/excited. If I go through with it, I hope I have no regrets and end up loving it. :) I might write an update comment when/after it happens. Thank you and pls keep continuing to do what you do. you're the best. <3

  50. Hi Rae,

    Thank you so much for your reply! I've started saving up and hopefully I could head down to Cali soon!

    Thanks again,

  51. I been considering blepharoplasty for couple months now
    I'm currently in Korea and thank god, it's so much cheaper here... it's about $1000~$2000 depending on the procedure.

    Ah... and no offense or anything but whenever you close your eyes (Youtube video) I could see the surgery scars... anyway, do people notice it?

    I just wonder since we Koreans can get very judgemental.. and since I was raised in LA myself I feel that people talk a lot so that frigthens me at times.

    Let me know if you get the chance ^^;


  52. Hi Rae, just a question also. How different were your eyes 2 weeks after the surgery compared to say a month to two months later to even now? Were they extremely different? Also, was the shape they said they were going to make what it turned out to be in the end? I'm so sorry for asking so many questions. just really curious since I plan to do it super soon. thanks ^^

  53. Hello, I recently had the procedure done and I've heard some strange rumors about not being able to appy dark eyeshadow as it may pigment my lids to be a dark brown color. Do you know anything about that? Also, in terms of hiding my scar line did you find that applying a concealer helped at all? And, lastly, did you use a cold or warm compress to help reduce swelling on your lids? Thank you so much for taking your time out to answer all of our questions! It feels great having someone with a first hand experience guide us.

  54. Anon - My eyes look the same. And yes, the shape is identical to what Dr. Newen said my eyes would look like.

    Adele - No, that pigmentation theory is completely untrue. Though you probably shouldn't wear dark shadows for a month after the procedure, they will not "stain" your lid. And I never bothered to hide my scar line with concealer, as the concealer can irritate your sutured skin. It doesn't matter how well your surgery went, the scars will always be visible. Just let them fade naturally! I personally did not use a cold compress. You can choose to but just don't use a warm one.

  55. How high is your crease, measuring from the base of your eyelid to the crease line? Mine is 7mm but I'm so afraid that it's going to become a "sok ssangapul" or hidden double eyelid.

  56. Hello Rae,

    I want to sincerely thank you for sharing this with everyone :) Guess what! I just had mine done this morning with Dr. Newen :) I'm still all swollen now..but it's no biggy at all..much better than I expected. I was researching a few random doctors before I stumbled upon your YouTube page and I thought you have beautiful eyes. Then, one of your replies refered to this posting. It was so meant to be! I can't thank you enough, you are a wonderful person.

    After 15 years of wearing tapes/glues, I'm finally set free! Wheeee ~

    For everyone else who is getting the procedure done wherever it may be, I wish all you guys the best ;)



  57. Hi Rae!

    Just wanted to say that I admire your honesty. Thank you for this blog post! I have also had this surgery done, and do not regret it at all. I felt like a new person after I got it done, and my friends have all mentioned how much more confident I am now (compared to before). Now I am able to experiment with makeup whereas before I couldn't even apply mascara without it transferring all over my upper lid (and looking like a racoon).

    Do you ever get people criticising you or acting differently around for getting this surgery done? If so, how do you handle it? I do, and I'd be lying if I said that it doesn't bother me. Also, do you tell everyone about the surgery, or just your close friends? I don't want to seem like I'm hiding it, but I'm sorta scared of the reaction that some people may have when they find out that I've had reconstructive surgery.

    And for those of you who are considering getting it done, I highly recommend it. I feel that it has boosted my self-confidence, and I'm no longer the shy, timid girl I used to be :)

  58. as always, thorough and informative but you know what, i hope your doc sees this and give you back your money cuz i'm sure many people now are considering to go to him. lol. nonetheless, he did a great job. yours look absolutely natural and if you haven't mentioned this, i never would'be guessed.

  59. Anon - My lids are less than 1 cm.. I don't have a tape measurer so I can't tell you for sure. My doctor recommended "medium" lids to prevent my lids from becoming swallowed up by gravity as I age :)

    YH - 15 YEARS?!?! Wow, you persevered =P I know how rough that morning routine can be.. Congratulations on a successful operation and I wish your wallet the best of luck because you're going to want to splurge on eyeshadow and mascara! LOL <3

    Oyun - I wish!! My eyes look as natural as "fake" can look ^_~ But you're too sweet to say that; thank you!!

  60. SH - I completely understand the confidence boost. And I actually do get criticized for going through with the operation. I know it sounds all too simple but I just ignore it! I don't let it hurt me because I know what I'm worth and my surgery cannot change that. Just keep in mind that many of those saying hurtful or judgmental things to you are merely narrow-minded idiots. They'll never understand how it feels to be in your shoes so hold your head up high! All that matters is your happiness and satisfaction <3

  61. rae! thank u for this post! u are amazing and beautiful inside and out! I had surgery in Korea as well after my high school graduation! haha! But now my right eyelid lost its "firmness" and the crease has drooped. The only way for my eyes to look even for me is to do fake eyelashes everyday and ive been doing it 2.5 years now [It really gets tiresome sigh] I really don't wanna go back to Korea to "redo it or whatever" cuz the plane think is over $1,000 now and i know that everything is gonna be ridiculously expensive there. However, I know you're not a surgeon or anything, but according to your aunt, can they just "fix" that one eye that needs correction, or do they have to redo BOTH eyes in the revision surgery? Do you mind asking your aunt for me? I really don't wanna look drastically different if i do the revision surgery. . . Anyways, I would like to say that your sister is very beautiful- and you should tell her that its unnecessary for her to get surgery- she has big eyes anyway! u girls are gorgeous! Thank u for everything Rae <3

  62. wow that is an amazing story, i have a question if anyone can answer, i have double lids and want monolids, is that even possible for me too get monolids?

  63. Hey Rae,
    I'm so glad you shared your experience! When I first came across your videos I had no idea that you got the procedure. Your eyes look extremely natural. Anyway, I'm 16 and I have mono lids. Also I have a lot of excess skin above my eye. And the summer before I go to college I'm planning on getting this procedure done. It's hard in general having mono lids. I can't even wear eyeliner. :( I have a couple questions though.
    In total how long was the healing process? How long did it take for you to be able to wear makeup after the procedure?
    And to be clear you were awake when the procedure occurred? Was the shots on your eyes hurtful?
    I'm extremely scared of needles around my face!
    I hope your able to answer my questions!

  64. Marlee - You know, I can't quite say! You might want to call and see if it is ;)

    Anon - You're very welcome! And I'm sure my doctor would thank you for the lovely compliment :) And in total, it takes about a year for the swelling to be completely disappear - my lids looked a lot more natural and like you, most people started to assume my lids were natural. My doctor said I could wear eyeshadow after two weeks but just in case, I waited a month. I generally don't wear much make-up anyway, so it wasn't a big deal! And yes, I was awake - going in and out of consciousness, though, due to the anesthesia - but I did not feel the shots on my eyes because I had an IV of "happy juice" in my veins already. In that regard, the IV was a touch painful but only for a second! The nurses and staff at Dr. Newen's are gentle and very well trained. Best of luck <3

  65. Jo - Yes, you can correct the one eyelid! I believe I will have to correct my right eye once I hit my forties or fifties because it naturally droops - it's a hooded lid - unlike my left eye. It's the nature of our faces but if it bothers you, definitely make an appointment for a consultation! And thank you! My sister wants the surgery, too, but she'll always be beautiful to me, with or without double lids :)

  66. Do you mind if I quote a couple of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to your blog? i am creating an article concerning the difference between blepharoplasty and asian blepharoplasty. Please let me know if this ok with you.

  67. Rhealyn - I sincerely appreciate your request but I prefer to keep all my content strictly on my own blog. Thank you!

  68. Hi Rae
    thanks so much for this blog you're amazing hehe. im planning to get this surgery done at the end of the year so just wanted to ask you some questions since your replies are so informative?
    First of all, when you first have the consultation with your doctor before the surgery, are there any eye tests that have to be done to check that your eye is healthy?
    Also, I have heard that there are two main procedures for eyelid surgery and I'm assuming yours is the incision method? There is another popular non-incision method that apparently heals more quickly? How come you chose the incision method?
    And soooo sorry >< ... one last question.. when you had the procedure done did you have to open your eyes often? because my eyes are quite sensitive to light and you said it was a very bright light so im scared that i wont be able to open my eyes properly during the procedure when asked to.

    thanks so much rae! hope these 3 qs dont both you too much.


  69. I woke up this morning and my bff showed me this post and it totally made my day! I want to have blepharoplasty too but my parent are still not too happy with it so I gotta spend more time talking to them :/ but I'm so glad that now I can tell them about your experience and hope it will change their minds! So thank you soooo much for sharing this with us <3

  70. How much does the procedure usually cost Rae? Thank You sooo much for sharing this. I am also planning to get eyelid surgery done when I get the chance to save up enough :) This blog boost up my interest & really motivated me to do what will really make me happy :) thank you.

  71. Hey Rae!
    Thank you so much for the professional and informative account of your experience. I really wanted to get this surgery, but I wasn't sure if I should go to Korea to do it because I know plenty of friends who had it done there (in Gang-nam). Do you know anything about having your eyes slit? Is that what you meant by what your doctor didn't recommend? Because, everyone in my family has double-eyelids except me; I have my dad's eyes and he eventually got double-eyelids in his late 20s. His eyes look really great, and I hope to get his shape, but it seems so late to get it in my late 20s or early 30s. I was thinking that maybe if I had the corners of my eyes cut it would help the natural crease to appear, but I'm not certain of this.
    Again, thank you so much for being honest and telling us your experience!

  72. Hi Rae!

    Have always been following your YT vids and accidentally came across your blog entry re double eyelid surgery today. You see, I have been contemplating about the surgery for 2 years now and have saved up enough for it. I also went ahead and booked an appointment with the plastic surgeon in 2 weeks time.

    I want to ask: how did you prepare for the consultation- did you take pictures of the eye you want along with you to the consultation? how did you decide with the eyeshape in the end? how many surgeons did you go to? i'm pretty anxious about the whole process..

    keep up with the good work!


  73. Hi Rae,

    Stumbled across your blog, very entertaining. Just wanted to comment on the bleph surgery. I too, had uneven eyes. My daddy had monolids and my momma has a fold. I too, wanted to just even them out as I had one of each, but was advised that would be impossible, so I had the procedure done to both eyes. I had it done in 2008 when I was 34 after years of contemplation and I am so happy that I pulled the trigger. My sister, who has double folds used to give me flak about it and how she "would never have surgery", but I promptly told her after many taunts about wanting to have bigger eyes of the white variety that I just wanted to look like my momma and that shut her up. Haters gonna hate. I know why I decided to have the surgery, and even though I know it's been a while since you had the surgery, I just wanted to reach out cuz I get it. Thanks for sharing.

  74. How long did it take to fully heal?

  75. I just found this post while looking for foundations... it was totally random!

    I always watch your videos and I think you are so beautiful, I've always loved your eyes and smile.

    I'm from South America but my features are European, and I have to say that I envy (or admire) your complexion and flawless make up look. I wish I was born Asian, because I like their eyes, but I don't even know if the "reverse surgery" can be done, also it's just a wish and I can mimic the Asian eyes with eyeliner and eyeshadow! (not really XD).

    The point is that your post encouraged me to get a "nose job" done (or to save money for it), because I don't like its bridge, even though it doesn't bothers me too much, I would feel a lot more confident and to stop wearing my glasses (because I think they hide mi nose bridge).

    As you said, a surgery doesn't make you a fake person and yes it is a mayor procedure, but compare it to all the things we make to our bodies to feel confident and prettier, and it's not the big deal. We usually put on lots of make up (like the non-make up make up), bleach or darken our hair, wax, and that stuff. Actually, if it's about changing the way we look it can be applied to skin care, shoes and clothes. No one stays "all natural" (think of soap), it's just about where you think there's a line between "acceptable" and not so much. Where this lines are is socially evolving (think of botox decades ago). Social acceptance can be applied to anything that you do to make changes related to your body (health or aesthetics related).

    Lots of people criticize and spend their lives doing it, but it's just because they prefer to look to other than turn their eyes into themselves. Basically, envy moves them to criticize, just as you said.


  76. Hi Rae,
    Glad to hear that the blepharoplasty procedure you have undergone went out well. I am eagerly waiting for my surgery scheduled on June 4th in Toronto. Please share me some tips to follow a better recovery. How many consultations you had post- operation?

  77. Adding on to the last comment, was the doctor good about understanding what you wanted and being patient and thorough with any questions or concerns?

  78. Hi Rae,
    I'm strongly considering doing this surgery before college but my only concern is the timing because I only have about a month before I have to head off to college. I understand that everyone heals differently but just for some reference, how long was it before you were comfortable enough to show your face with/without makeup?How long did unnatural swelling occur for you?
    And how well did the doctor address your questions and wishes? Was he impatient or did he take the time to consider what he thought was best for you and what you wanted as well?

    1. As I stated in the post, two weeks. You may want to wait longer if you feel self-conscious. Dr. Newen is wonderful, but it all depends on your attitude!

  79. Great post, Rae. I'm too squeamish to have any procedures done but wouldn't be against lip injections.

  80. Thanks for sharing this! Right, do whatever you think makes you happy and confident. Just like what I did when I decide to undergo blepharoplasty in the Philippines.

  81. It's the first time I come to your blog and I'm thinking: why am I so late, wtf! I'm scrolling the page and reading the past posts *O* I consider your plastic surgery post very brave
    Neha Verma


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