Monday, April 5, 2010

MAC Art Supplies

Here is a picture of the products I purchased from MAC Art Supplies =)

Greengrease did not show true to color in this particular photo but I will try to capture it again in less cloudy natural light. Thanks for your patience, everyone!

I will have more posted once I buy a new camera charger! Be sure to check out some of the lip product swatches from my March Madness Haul Part 2 =)


  1. The swatches look nice. I especially like the blue and purple pearl glide liners.

  2. I'll have better swatches posted soon. And the Petrol Blue liner isn't very popular but it's definitely one worth owning!

  3. What is the purple one called? I want to get one :) Thanks for the swatches.

  4. Which of the Dior eyeshadow palettes do you own and which ones do you recommend? Thanks! Sorry for leaving a comment here as I do not have a YT account.

  5. Hey Rae, have you seen the Mac Art lipstains? They look like highlighters... I went to look at the new MAC stuff and that lipstain looks a bit intimidating lol. What do you think of it?

  6. Anonymous: I own too many Dior palettes to name. I use a few in my tutorials on my YouTube channel; you should create an account so that you can subscribe =) And I can't make any reasonable recommendations until you specify what you're looking for...

    Chloe: Yes, I have seen the Lipstain Markers. I didn't purchase any of them because I have hyper-sensitive, extremely dry lips. I prefer glosses and lipsticks; stains tend to look splotchy and uneven, highlighting the most unattractive grooves on the lips. Conclusion? Pick one up for the sake of novelty, if you'd like, but I skipped it because it's not worth adding to my kit!


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